Sabrine trying to get pregnant after taking the pill for several years. Its cycle varies between 28 and 40 days and wonder how she set her ovulation and fertility.

Hello Sabrine

It is normal for your cycle is irregular after using oral contraceptives and you may have to wait some time before your cycle stabilizes again.Ovulation occurs 14 days before your next menstruation. Sperm survive about 72 hours in the genital tract of women, while the egg survives 24 hours. It can be difficult to know when ovulation occurs, especially when you have an irregular cycle, as is the case for you. Here’s what I can suggest to help you.


First, your vaginal secretions can help you determine your fertile period. Your mucus becomes clearer indeed, creamy and can be stretched between two fingers without breaking (elastic texture) during your ovulation period.

Ovulation Tests

There are also ovulation tests that detect your fertile period by detecting the increase of a hormone in your urine 24 to 36 hours before ovulation. The boxes contain several sticks to know the time when you are likely to conceive. You can get these ovulation tests in pharmacy. When you buy the test, there are guidelines for the right time to begin the test inside. By cons, it is not easy to determine this point with accuracy, especially with irregular cycles. The number of sticks are sometimes limited to one week (7 sticks per box), it may be that you do not or visually ovulation sticks with the number provided and you have to buy another box. This test does not guarantee a pregnancy. To obtain best results, it is important to do the tests at the same time each day.



In addition, you can also take your temperature to identify your fertile period. The temperature of a woman before ovulation is usually below 36.7 degrees Celsius. Just before ovulation, increased hormones causes a temperature increase of 0.3 to 0.6 degrees Celsius. Subsequently, during the rest of the cycle until your next period, the temperature is higher. So that the temperature measurement is reliable, you should take your temperature every day before you get up. Note that by cons is not foolproof because some factors may influence the temperature, for example: high consumption of alcohol, lack of sleep, ambient heat or shift variables.