Means anything you want on Influenza (A) H1N1 false pandemic vaccine poison information suppressed by the government. So who to believe?

This will do several months now we hear everything and its opposite on influenza A (H1N1).

Vaccines supposedly “to sell emergency”

In August 2009, the Minister of Health Roseline Bachelor has ordered 94 million doses of vaccine, with a per-booking another 36 million from four laboratories in anticipation of the progress of the virus.Indeed, the pandemic was announced, and according to the World Health Organization (WHO), there was not enough vaccine for everyone. This is why the French Ministry did everything that France can be equipped with a pandemic.

Then, vaccination centers opened their doors, but the French are not only rushed to get vaccinated. Doses of vaccine thus remained “pending”, the vaccination campaign was then broadcast on all channels the French have even talked of “propaganda.” They felt that it was imperative sell these vaccine doses purchased which obviously they did not. But if the ministry had not moved and had not purchased doses of vaccine on time to vaccinate the population, the French have thus argued that the government does not care about their health, right?


A man disrupts a plateau live TV to express

Recently, one commenter stated, live on television, his ideas against the flu vaccine and also promotes its website against the established government. Thus, during the show of Christophe Deckhand and Sanhedrin Que tier, The 100 greatest delusions , recorded and broadcast live on January 22, a man grabbed the lapel of the presenter to say: ” The H1N1 vaccine is poison. “He then promoted his website dedicated to the H1N1 vaccine and all his misdeeds. Christophe Deckhand did not really let it go, he clearly told the man that his behavior was disrespectful, but he also made ​​this statement: ” There are scientists who say there is a vaccine that is useful, it scientists will listen and we will not listen to any bullshit people who have a prior no legitimacy. Now, everyone made ​​their choice. ”

So who to believe?

It seems that the best thing to do is to listen to both sides and to understand the arguments. And yes, there are always two sides in a case, for it is the same thing, we study both. So, on the one hand, it goes on the site of the government, WHO, etc, Which give information about the free vaccine to ignore the side effects of it, and, on the other hand , one can visit the sites of these people who gather testimonials from people vaccinated or other and demonstrate their version of things.But anyway, no rush. Take the time you decide to get vaccinated or not. Do not hesitate to ask the people around you or your doctor if you are worried.