Autumn comes, and on time you start to talk about influence. However, before we tell you about the peculiarities of the influence that is coming, we like to remind you that any viral infectious disease of seasonal (ailments from cooling classics) can be properly fought, and even prevented through natural remedies and lifestyle aimed at strengthening of our immune system . When it comes to disease highly contagious, in fact, since none of us can live in a glass case, the only possible solution is to give a hand to our antibodies in building an effective barrier against the evil germs.

Influence: How to prevent it?

The Power is the first weapon at our disposal to defend ourselves against seasonal ailments, including flu. Foods recommended to strengthen our immune system are all the vegetables and fruit in season that contain vitamin C, especially cabbage and broccoli (all family of calciferous vegetables) and citrus. Even the vegetables and chestnuts are excellent “fuel” anti virus. To avoid infection, we must try to wash our hands more that we can not have close physical contact with sick people (unless it is necessary, of course, as in the case of a parent who has to take care of her child), avoid the rush temperature. Let’s see now, however, the natural remedies available to us in the unlikely event that the flu hit us.


Influence: cured with natural remedies

The thing to keep in mind now when it comes to viral influenza, is that antibiotic treatments are of no use except to weaken further. Let them lose and cure ourselves with an antipathetic (fever only when rises above 38 ° C), vitamin C tablets and holy patience. Only this? Well, we also have our products in natural medicine, such as herbal medicines (which we can do by prescribing homeopathic physician), suitable especially for children, but also great for adults because they have no side effects.

Even the aromatherapy can be a viable alternative. Against ILI is recommended essential oil of lavender, which has an effect stimulating the immune system, and overall toning and anti-depressant. You have to dilute it in water (only to be vaporized, for example, will do pour a few drops of water placed on a radiator humidifier) ​​in the room where the person sick, or in the bath or, finally, added to oil olive oil to the clutches During the climax of the flu, also go-ahead to grandma’s remedies, let’s see them.