Inflamed tonsils, what to do? A question more frequently than most people realize, because the tonsils in flames are annoying eventuality that, in addition to children, affecting more and more often in adults. Blame the smoke, thanks to a sore throat, cold, and the presence of plaques, the tonsillitis, which is the inflammation of the tonsils is a disorder difficult to ignore. Here are the symptoms more obvious and natural remedies most useful.

What’s this

There is talk of inflamed tonsils or tonsillitis, when there is inflammation of the palatine tonsils, the symmetrical structures located in the throat, in the back of the tongue, on the sides of the pharynx and uvula. A disturbance annoying, but not limited to, the tonsillitis is a real infection, triggered by the action of bacteria or viruses.


The palatine tonsils, along with the adenoids, make up the so-called lymphatic ring of the head (Waldeyer’s ring): a valuable defense system of the respiratory tract upper aery-digestive. For this, play an important defensive function, made? possible by their very fabric sprayed with blood and lymph, which, however, does not last forever, but it is destined to diminish gradually after infancy. For this reason, if the tonsillitis are repeated too frequently, you can opt for the operation of removal of the tonsils.


The characteristic symptoms that appear in the presence of inflamed tonsils are: swelling of the tonsils, with the presence of pus and swelling of the lymph glands of the neck. In addition, other disorders may occur more generalized, such as fever, sometimes quite high, sore throat, lowering of the voice, the headaches, hassles and difficulties during swallowing, the malaise and fatigue.

Natural remedies

In addition to antibiotic treatments and the specific drugs prescribed by a doctor in case of inflammation of the tonsils, you can also rely on available natural remedies and traditional grandma’s remedies , especially useful as an aid to soothing, to control the symptoms and discomfort.