We begin this article with a simple question what position are you now as you read?  Most of us do not usually become aware of our movements the way we sit, work. However, we must remember that incorrect posture repeated over time is often the root of many health problems and disorders that often we attribute to other causes. We know, for example, migraine is associated with activation or irritation of trigeminal nerve fibers.


Sometimes, certain foods, temperature changes or strong odors act as potent activators. However, they also incorrect postures are powerful trigger both migraines as the cervical pain. Your health, your well-being and your inner balance directly relate to what you do with your body. We must treat it well and promote a body harmony where there are no overloads, where there are tensions forced. Then we give you more information on the subject. Incorrect posture will determine the future pain.

However, habits maintained throughout our school days, in the study, work and in our moments of rest before television or even while we sleep, generate small changes in our body. Note that we said organism. We cannot forget that all this delicate musculoskeletal system affects, in turn, our bodies and even our emotions. It is a discipline of health area studies the tonic postural system.

In turn, it also analyzes how each person relates to their environment through the senses movements and the various dysfunctions that can present in terms of the positions that we carry out. Since this area of health, we make it clear. Incorrect posture crystallizes in a particular pain. So much so that many back pain, cervical pain, dizziness, migraines, headaches, dizziness or could diminish if we cared a little more our position.

Migraine and head posture

Aim this valuable tip: never hasten your head beyond the axis of your spine. When this occurs, the column supports more pressure than it should and, in turn, triggers the onset of headaches and migraines. It must be said, though, that the wrong posture by itself does not determine the occurrence of migraines in people who have never suffered. If we have genetic background of this condition, and if we often suffer often, the fact of taking care of our postural hygiene undoubtedly reduces the frequency of their occurrence.

A slow but relentless process

From the science of post urology they tell us that there are certain professions where associates a greater risk of migraine attacks. Drivers and administrative, for example, tend to position your head a little ahead of his column. Over time, and due to this continuous bending, the lower cervical spine, with its vertebrae and discs included, they are under increased pressure. The weight is no longer distributed properly, so it ends resulting in early degenerative process in some vertebrae.