The suspects in the easily recognizable because they are different from others and in the form of a stain asymmetric, with irregular borders or shaded, not hurt, but their color is not uniform. Must be the subject of particular attention, even in the case in which appears a new dark spot that evolves quickly, over a period of weeks or months. The prevention proves to be the most effective strategy to counteract successfully the tumors of the skin, such as, for example, melanomas, whose incidence is increasing.

Among the characteristics to keep in mind there are also jagged edges. And they should be checked by a dermatologist, even in the case where stain it with aspect detected nodular or a lesion that resembles a freckle and which has a portion detected. The physician will proceed to a specific examination, which consists of an evaluation conducted with the dermatoscope. It is an optical instrument, through which you observe the details that are not visible to the naked eye. In this way, in the abnormal can be recognized more easily.


There are risk factors that require more frequent monitoring and accurate: having many moles, having very light skin, red hair and freckles, being part of a family where there is already a case of melanoma. In the case of the suspects is best to take these through timely surgical excision. It also important, however, be based on early diagnosis, selecting those at risk, not to exceed in the sun, getting used to a moderate extent from children. The moles considered at risk are those congenital large, more than 20 centimeters, those which tend to grow quickly, those very dark, those larger than 6 mm in diameter or those that are located in areas of the body subjected to rubbing.

Cutaneous tumors

The skin cancers are classified according to the cells from which they originated. This can be a basal cell carcinomas of squamous cell carcinomas and melanomas. The first result from the basal cells, which are found in the deeper layer of the epidermis. The latter originate from the more superficial cells, those that form the so-called stratum spinosum.

The melanomas may occur from an intact skin or from the pre-existing. Carcinomas, which are also the most common, are generally easier to cure. Melanomas are more dangerous, because they have the ability to invade surrounding tissues and also, by means of the circulation of blood or lymph, can spread metastasis in different organs or tissues.