Europe has many cities and areas at risk where people pass away prematurely of cancers, such as Fos sur Mer

Nicolas Sarkozy said, in presenting his plan cancer, he wanted to better understand the environmental risks. Many French, living in exposed areas consider to be guinea pigs for 40 years, while researchers continue to observe. Dramatic!

Pesticides and insecticides multiply cancers

A systematic review of studies that have examined the link between pesticide exposure and brain tumors in children showed that 9 out of 17 studies found a significant association. The results are significant especially when the fathers are employed in agriculture with an increased risk by a factor ranging from 2.0 to 3.3.

Yet the French Government and the Minister of Agriculture multiply the marketing authorizations for pesticides and insecticides they know very harmful. Thus, the Institute of Health Surveillance reveals that French blood is three times more contaminated with pesticides than Americans or Germans.

Following 101 has already revealed in a survey of 15 April 2011 “The massive use of pesticides, insecticides and other chemicals is more dramatic in France.” That at least is what reveals a report from the National Institute of Health Surveillance (VS) published on 14 March 2011, which the researchers say that “the blood of the French contain three times more pesticides than some Americans or Germans.


The study was conducted in 2006-2007 as part of the National Nutrition Health Program (PNNS). She heard “measure the concentrations of several environmental pollutants (42 in total) in the blood, hair and urine of 3,100 people. A total of 11 metals, 6 polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), and three chemical families of pesticides and their metabolites were assayed. Pyrethroids are pesticides used against a wide variety of insects in agriculture, horticulture, in hospitals, but also for home use.

Farmers severely affected by cancer

Living on a farm is associated with an increased risk of developing brain tumors. In particular, primitive neuroectodermal tumors were 3.7 times more frequent when exposure was prenatal, and 5 times if the exposure occurred during childhood. Parents work in agriculture or any other profession in contact with pesticides is a risk factor for brain tumors in children. A large study of Norwegian children found that parents work with pesticides would lead to a risk multiplied by 3 for children of developing certain brain tumors. In France, live on a farm increases the risk for children to develop brain tumors by a factor of 2.5. Another European study that followed 520 children with half a brain cancer showed that the risk was increased when parents worked in agriculture.

A study has characterized the history of professional parents of children classified and parental exposure to insecticides, herbicides and fungicides in agriculture probability, intensity and frequency. It shows a higher risk by a factor of 1.4 to 1.6 to develop a astronomer when the father was exposed to different classes of substances studied. Higher risk for neuroectodermal primary tumors has only been identified for paternal exposure to herbicides (by a factor of 1.5). In for maternal exposure, risks were increased astrocystome for insecticides and herbicides a factor of 1.5