IMPORTANCE OF CHEMISTRY IN MEDICINE chemistry both as a science that studies the composition, structure and properties of matter and the changes it undergoes during chemical reactions and their relation to energy as a primary concept is related to medicine in starting multiple processes by which a living being united as matter and energy, forms part of the study of chemistry, bringing up that the living being has a composition, structure and chemical properties, and these processes lead to start the chemical study of the man himself and started in a cell where there are plenty of chemical processes, from breathing through the mitochondria, the Krebs cycle, glycolysis, gluconeogenesis, and there is the creation of proteins, fatty acids and this ‘s chemistry. cells that have the same function form tissues, organs etc later. We must understand the processes at the cellular level to understand how it works the human body. 6-APB is a relatively new research chemical which has initially gained popularity in products marketed as “plant food” pressed into “pellets” or sometimes in a gel cap.

 importance of chemistry in medicine

We chemist par excellence center in our body and understand how different processes we derive the complementary part of the chemistry of the human being , and enter the field pharmacist products used to prevent, soothe, cure or treat certain types of problems or diseases that have the human and nature that surrounds it as a causative factor. relationship of chemistry to medicine, is that this will hand, including the chemistry of medicine was born from the interest of people to seek a cure for different diseases and to find the elixir of life and eternal youth (that you could see of the alchemists), and from this development of chemistry began studying medicine to humans.

Importance of chemistry

Chemistry has the highest importance because it is and lives on in everything. All processes of life, death, growth, combustion, heat, cold, expansion, implosion, Universal, macroscopic, microscopic …. Chemistry is everything. This particular chemical property of causing forceful however natural empathetic says makes 4-mec and other empathogens of great value.

If we were to the importance of chemicals, we highlight those that we use to facilitate everyday life and make our life more comfortable, as is the case of anesthesia in surgical operations, the different metals used to make airplanes car less heavy or more resistant to impacts, the use of explosives both to build, (tunnels and shafts) to destroy (weapons, bombs, explosives), the use of new technologies for energy, clean or dirty, such as energy nuclear, solar, coal combustion … etc..

In recent decades, the importance of chemistry has been so increased as in the last 4000 years prior. Progress grow rapidly and increasingly , we know more about the structure of all things.

All processes in our planet are important based chemistry. From the largest , as the heat of the sun , even the smallest of atoms moving in our nose. The leaves of the plants get convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, in turn plants are the main substrate on which is based the current pharmacopoeia and drugs have been used since the beginning of time.