Over the last ten years, many studies have been conducted on the role of food, and in particular the vitamins and minerals in the optimal functioning of the immune system. Having a varied and balanced diet is undoubtedly a real benefit to have an immune system up.

Vitamin C and zinc

Among the micronutrients studied, vitamin C and zinc are particularly interesting. These contribute to the defense of the body, protecting against oxidative stress generated to eliminate pathogens. Several studies have demonstrated a beneficial effect of vitamin C supplements and zinc in respiratory infectious episodes, especially in populations with deficient hazards.

immune system


Iron plays an important role in the immune response. We found in the blood sausage, veal, lentils, white beans, chickpeas …

Vitamin D

Also involved in the immune response. Deficiencies of vitamin D are more common in winter, since this vitamin is synthesized partly from sunlight on the skin. Found in fermented milk fortified with vitamin D, sardines, almonds, walnuts …


Polyunsaturated fatty acids

The cells of the immune response must be fitted with a flexible membrane to keep out intruders. Contributions in essential fatty acids must be sufficient in number and well balanced to allow regulation of the immune response. It is best to use canola oil or walnut oil as an everyday spice.


Limit cell oxidation also contributes to good defenses. The solution is to take advantage of fruits and vegetables in season and a good summer habits.

A frequent moderate physical activity has beneficial effects on health and specifically on the immune system.

Several studies have shown that this type of physical effort reduces the risk of infection of the upper airways. However, the mechanisms involved are not yet well described, and there are many factors to consider (level of activity, long-term effects, state of baseline physical activity …).

A health professional may, from the current situation of each person’s background, habits of life, micronutrient status, advising one personalized nutritional program to protect the immune system.