Fatigue is the evil of the century. A good diet can help fight diseases that are related. A brief overview.

Anemia, characterized by a lack of red blood cells may be the source of chronic fatigue. Iron deficiency, vitamin B12, frolic acid, is involved in its most common and mildest. To prevent this, choose foods rich in iron. Liver, beef, sardines are excellent sources. Green vegetables, dried fruit, nuts bring in too. Beware the iron in meat is better absorbed than iron in vegetables and fruits. For better assimilation then it is recommended to drink with vitamin C. Foods such as guava, parsley, lemon juice, orange juice, kiwi contain. To fill vitamin B12, opt for offal and shellfish. Eat green vegetables, legumes, oranges protect you against vitamin B9 or frolic acid.

Salt against hypo tension

Hypo tension is not always a problem. It becomes when it is accompanied by fatigue. If the causes are often multiple, adequate nutrition can help fight it. Eat salt brings a certain advantage. Indeed hypo tension is characterized by an abnormally low blood pressure. Salt has the property of retaining water in the arteries which helps to raise the blood pressure. Licorice is also invaluable. However avoid garlic lowers blood instead.


Iodine, selenium, zinc against hypothyroidism

A deficiency in iodine, selenium, zinc can cause hypothyroidism. The thyroid releasing more then enough hormones, organ functions slow and fatigue appears. We can fix this and its accompanying symptoms that accompany care diet. Sea fish such as anchovies, mackerel, cod, seaweed iodine bring in good quantity. Obviously table salt, is not to be overlooked. Eating oysters and tuna helps guard against deficiencies in selenium. Consume seafood, beef and liver provides refueling zinc.

Carbohydrates and Diabetes

A poor diet can increase the risk of type two diabetes . It appears with the age when the pancreas malfunction, and is often associated with overweight. Hyperglycemia fatigue. Then the limit foods high in carbohydrates and fat is imperative. Cakes, sweets are banned. Rice, pasta, bread are preferred. If fruits and vegetables are great, it must nevertheless be careful because they do not contain all the same amount of carbohydrates. And carrots, figs, grapes, bananas, dates have a hypoglycemic index high enough. As beets and peas. In contrast, green vegetables like broccoli, eggplant, asparagus, artichokes are consumed at will. The nut is excellent because in addition to being low hypoglycemic index it regulates blood sugar.

Omega three, vitamin B, chocolate against depression

Depression can cause fatigue. If the causes can be linked to the environment as the loss of a loved one, redundancy, family problems, it can have a significant biological substrate. Serotonin hormone mood is particularly sensitive to food. Prefer contained in omega three fatty fish. The vitamin D contained in salmon fights fatigue related to depression. Vitamins B6 AND B12 are essential for good mental health. And eat offal, fish in sufficient quantity is required. Cereals, mushrooms, hazelnuts are also very good .. Chocolate when you’re depressed is particularly suitable. It is even a food choice. Carbohydrates chocolate increase serotonin in the brain.

Balanced diet and fibroblast

Fibroblast is a disease characterized by chronic fatigue and widespread muscle pain. To date, there is still no real cure is to say the importance of diet. Consuming omega three is essential. They do reduce inflammation. Against the same pain it is imperative to avoid certain foods. This is the case of vegetables the family Solace as potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants, which aggravate arthritis. Yeast and gluten, aspartame amplify pain, as well as additives such as glutamate, added to the ready-made preparations. Some patients said they felt better after limiting carbohydrate consumption. Generally eating fruits and vegetables in large quantities and grain keeps a healthy and balanced diet.

In all cases, the power when it is rational and appropriate, can establish a protocol for care a perfecta. Food is the first natural products essential to the proper functioning of our body. They are obviously not to be overlooked in the fight against fatigue and pathologies associated with it.