Fear helps us to survive. It helps us to identify risks quickly and in time to flee. But even in moments it is safe to place and gnaws, without reason, to the soul.

The physical symptoms of anxiety are oppressive: the breath stops, the voice breaks, is it tight in the chest, stomach queasy. This sweaty palms, weak knees and cold feet. Fear is free. It belongs to a certain extent Survival Package of the human body. Approaching real danger, he sounds the alarm. To threats that are basically harmless or do not have, but he does not react differently.


Fears for ‘DIY’

Rather, it is our consciousness and experience that we require from what things we should fear us, to protect us from harm. Who has made only bad experiences with dogs is, dogs tend to avoid or counter them suspicious, even if these experiences are long back. The list of things before we can frighten us, is almost endless. Everyone will find in it: The Case of the “cowards” is hereby so ticked off. Even most banal circumstances, ignore the most of us can let other people’s hair stand on end, you think for example of the germs that stick to paper money, doors and other items. Take the elevator or stair climb run, on a plane or use the land, climb the observation tower, or better yet stay on the ground? On issues such as these are the ghosts. A light Flauegefühl stomach is still not fully developed anxiety.

Pathological fear

Anxieties only to pathological features, if they are associated with exaggerated reactions, the fear response is so disproportionate to the source of the threat and is intense and lasting. The reason has to serve it difficult subsequently to, as a corrective. The irrational fear of feeling, which estimates the risk is much higher than it is overpowering and overwhelming. Imagine an anxiety, not that one perceives a threat, it is called in medicine from panic attacks. Pathological anxiety impair quality of life enormously. Body and psyche are similarly affected.

The fear of ambush

To suppress emerging and recurring anxiety is, in general no solution of the problem portraying the dreaded subject of a sober, factual analysis subjected to help more: The attempt to dismantle it and to loosen a few screws on this fear apparatus, the has set often surprisingly moving. The reason can provide first aid going to conquer fear. Most of our everyday fears are simply absurd, convincing arguments for its necessity, we rarely find. They were particularly struck us always of our own future. Vast amounts of power and energy are used to guess possible future dangers ahead. Finally everything turns out differently than expected. The initial network of dark fears suddenly dissolves, the fantasies are taught by the reality of anything better.

Fears that gnaw at us for a long time to hang heavy. A conscious, direct contact with the unpleasant situation can help to overcome the fear. Escapes you, as usual, but to win clearance from the threat, but even those who travel a considerable number of kilometers, the fear is still felt in the neck. We are happy to select the flight as a way to avoid problems and forget that they can give us temporary relief. The threat, the fear remains, however, and can already see the next threat from afar getting closer. Get a grip on anxiety are most likely to help with therapy, meditation or autogenic training, which boosts self-confidence. Sport in all its facets is also the most powerful healing tool in the fight against anxiety.