The Ice cream diet is the latest addition to lose weight and gain the physique you’ve always dreamed of. How does it work? The scheme developed by the gastroenterologist of New Jersey Brian Weiner is very simple and is based on four key principles: when you eat ice our body burns calories to melt, and this mechanism would be the basis of the diet. According to a report in The Atlantic, Weiner, who has also written an e-book titled ” The ice cream diet, “says that this scheme would not hurt and that the ice can be a valuable ally to increase the feeling of satiety.


Eating ice then help you burn calories and according to the inventor of the diet consumed a liter of ice per day has no contraindications but rather helps us to burn about 160 calories. As with all diets original and a bit odd, however, no shortage of criticism . According to the calculations of physicist Andrew Jones, for example, if eating one kilogram of ice will burn 117 calories, would require about 30 pounds of ice per day to burn 3,500 calories that allow us to lose one pound of weight. Quite a bit too! This diet, however, has also been published in a scientific journal, Annals of Internal Medicine, and Article Weiner emphasizes the beneficial effects of cold food that would also help to significantly reduce the feeling of hunger.

If, however, the idea of swallowing pounds of ice does not make you crazy, you can always take something interesting directions from the gastroenterologist. Why, for example, after meals instead of eating a cake or a dessert we do not try to taste a fruit Popsicle that certainly has less fat and the process that leads the body to warm the ice helps to consume calories ?

Attention then the exaggeration: experts point out that in fact ingest up to a liter of ice per day should not create problems. Increasing doses rather than risk a constant feeling of cold, and in some cases you might get to hypothermia that may interfere with the functioning of some organs. In addition, for many people chew ice is almost impossible because of the sensitivity of the teeth, which may also be damaged. Eat some ice then goes fine, but be careful not to overdo it! Let us always remember that the best way to lose weight is to set a proper diet, low calorie, without too many quirks but mostly without ever giving up important nutrients.