The desire to stay in shape often leads to choosing a type of physical activity or a sport, even those who never had a specific passion. If you do not have a clear idea or if you do not have a real propensity for certain specialty, before making a decision it is best to consider a few things, both personal and of the various sports in which we would have thought. Here are some tips on how to choose a weighted physical activity best suited to our physical and even to our ‘soul’. Which are the main factors that should be considered? Age First of age, so if we are getting on in years or not. Certainly there are in their seventies with the spirit of a little boy, but at a certain point in life, the years have their own weight.


Exceeded 35/40 age it is better to engage in aerobic activities, this if you do not have a shoulder preparation and training constant. physical conditions Analyze objectively the physical conditions in which you are located, or if you are sedentary or not, if you can not resist to make 3 flights of stairs, if you have shortness of breath at the slightest effort, if your muscles are not trained because until today you are convinced that the game of dominoes and shanghai are sports. Objective Perhaps the key variable is what you want to achieve, that is, you want to lose weight and only firm up or simply improve your flexibility to counter some minor pain? Type of Training Last factor to consider is what kind of effort is required by the various specialty training and understanding, based on your goals which is what it is designed for certain effects. based on the goals Let’s see what are the most suitable activities. Losing Weight If you want to slim down the choice should fall on property by any stretch of low intensity, but a long time. Must all be aerobic activities because you go to burn fat, the chief cause of excess weight. The recommended sports are cycling (or cycling ) but also spinning as indoor activities, cross country skiing, walking, Nordic walking (but on flat land), but also Zumba is an aerobic workout.