Many young people try drugs during adolescence. In most cases, the use of recreational substances remain and passenger therefore relatively Benin. However, it is important to know the difference between a young person who has smoked cannabis a few times “to try” and who is at risk of developing a true addiction. In addition to the physical symptoms associated with eating certain clues may help you to recognize the possibility of sustained consumption or abuse.

Attitude and behavior

If you notice a significant change and sustainable (over several months) in the behavior or attitude of your teen, you should ask questions.


* If you notice that your child suddenly abandons his usual friends or ceases to practice the activities he loved before, you should open the eye.
* He may begin to ask for more money.
* A teenager who uses drugs will tend to be very secretive. If your child goes into a rage because you enter the room or it surprise you to empty his pants pockets before washing, there may be something fishy.
* It may be very evasive over his whereabouts or his activities.
* The teenager who takes drugs will often fleeing behavior, it will avoid you look into his eyes, he spent the maximum time isolated in his room, he may be gruff and arrogant in your presence.


Objects that speak volumes

No need to wait to find a bag of powder or a water pipe to hypothesize that your child consumes. Other objects, seemingly innocuous, are useful clues. Drops to counteract redness, perfume or incense to mask odors, this should make you push a little further your investigation without jumping to conclusions!

His appetite

A significant change in appetite should also arouse your suspicions Drugs encourage eating a lot while others act as an appetite suppressant.

In school

The attitude of a teenager in front of the school may also be affected if it is using drugs. It may not go over its course, or that grades fall drastically. If the period of disinterest in school longer than a few months, this is a bad sign.

Do not be too quick to judge!

It must not be forgotten that adolescence is a period of change. It may be that your child starts to attend new people to dress differently or listen to music without strange that mean it is a consumer of psychotropic drugs. In the same vein, a certain amount of rebellion at home or at school, is not a sufficient reason to climb the curtains. It is simply important to be on the lookout for signs to distinguish the symptoms of simple teenage angst from those of a potentially more serious problem.