The irregular menstrual cycle is often the symptom of a hormonal imbalance. Usually the cause of this disease are forms of stress. The cycle may be irregular under various forms, for the flow or for the frequency. If your cycle is irregular, the best thing to do is to consult a gynecologist. In this guide, we will see the useful remedies to regulate the menstrual cycle.

Diet: The increase or weight loss may be one of the causes of the irregularity of the cycle. Maintain a balanced and healthy diet have a beneficial effect on menstruation. Your weight should always be in line with your age. A diet rich in iron, magnesium and vegetable oils will be a panacea. Iron is present in red meat and vegetables. For vegetable oils is defined as a non-excessive consumption of olive oil. Magnesium is present in fruits and vegetables.

Sleep and sport: Sleep regularly and do physical activity is the basis of a regular cycle. In fact, the lack of sleep proxy hormonal changes. Physical activity helps to unload the stress and keep working muscles also helps in decreasing the pain cycle. A sport very effective for the physical and mental yoga.


Remedies herbal: If your cycle is low and painful you can take 15 drops of Angelica in mother tincture, two times a day for a month. The stellaria is excellent in the case of heavy bleeding is taken as a decoction, put a spoonful of herbs in a cup of boiling water and filtered drinking the tea twice a day when the cycle is in advance is useful to drink teas Argentina twice a day after meals for two months if menstrual pains are very intense it is useful to take 20 drops of yarrow four times a day for a month if the period is late, you can take an infusion of leaves and flowers of sage To prepare, boil half a liter of water, two tablespoons preparation of herbal and after ten minute strain at all.

The pill: The birth control pill taken under medical supervision is an effective remedy for the regularization of the menstrual cycle. In fact, regulates hormones putting to rest the ovaries, which regulates the cycle in all its aspects and also reduces pain. If you want to take this medicine you should contact your gynecologist after having done the analysis that will prescribe the dose hormone is right for you.