Even if it affects a relatively small number of people, the anxiety attack can be particularly debilitating to live. Depending on the case, the symptoms differ from one person to another, but some are common to all patients and can be confused with more serious medical problems. A brief overview of the various symptoms of a panic attack .

Many symptoms may occur during a panic attack.

One of the most troublesome symptoms of an anxiety attack is sudden and sharp increase in heart rate. For example, you have negative thoughts or you find yourself in a situation that makes you uncomfortable (to speak in public, talking to a woman you like) and suddenly your heart ‘s packs. You may also have trouble breathing but again it is because your heart pounding. Some people will even become all red and felt intense heat in certain parts of their bodies. Less frequent but particularly disabling in certain situations (such as driving), dizziness may even give the impression that you’re drunk. In the most extreme cases, the anxiety attacks symptoms akin to agoraphobia with all social and professional consequences that this entails (isolation, loneliness, depression).


Solutions exist to get away!

Even if a person who regularly suffers from anxiety attacks can quickly feel helpless and powerless to various symptoms, she should know that medical and psychological solutions exist. Firstly, it is strongly advised to undergo a full medical check for example that the increase in heart rate is not due to a problem with the heart. This step is completed, do not hesitate to consult a psychologist who will teach you different techniques such as relaxation and positive visualization to regain control of your body. If necessary, and with his consent, you can use drugs (anxiolytics for example) to reduce your level of stress symptoms by the time the therapy to take effect. As you can see, solutions to your anxiety attacks are so do not hesitate to use them for your anxiety attacks are more than ancient history!