Laurence nearly two and a half years. In recent months, she had Otis. The question of Caroline, his mother: when cold starts, is there a way to prevent an ear infection develops in the future?

Hi Caroline,

The best way to avoid a cold turns into ear is to nasal hygiene regularly. So it takes a few milliliters of saline (type Salines, or even a homemade solution to the temperate room temperature) in each nostril. It is suggested to do this once or twice a day, when your child is in good health, just as you brush your teeth regularly. This can prevent colds.

Already cold

If your child has a cold, you can proceed to hygiene several times a day to clear secretions. Some pediatricians suggest every diaper change for children with colds. Your daughter has more than 2 years, you can use the spray bottle, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The child sits upright and is sprayed 2-3 strokes per nostril with the bottle upright. Expect to have to hold your child’s head, since it is rather unpleasant. You can simply place your thumb and forefinger on each side of the jaw bone, which prevents the child to turn his head without applying force. Subsequently, we ask the child to blow one nostril at a time. Again, the little ones need help in the beginning, you can block one nostril at a time by holding the handkerchief and ask them to blow the nose.


Hint: to help very young children learn to blow when colds are not, you can place a cotton ball on a table and ask them to move it by blowing the nose. When the saline bottle is empty, you can clean and fill with saline Trade (standard bottle, cheaper) or the in-house solution.

For less than 2 years

For less than 2 years, a dropper can be used. One layer baby on her back, head up. Again, nasal hygiene is unpleasant, then baby may protest, it may even seem to choke, but it emerges from its secretions. You can sit down quickly after each instillation and allow him to catch his breath before the second nostril. It is important to clean the dropper to prevent contamination of saline. Nasal hygiene causes discomfort in the short term, but gives secretions. The child is then more comfortable to breathe, eat and drink. For those interested to make their own saline solution, here is an example:

Recipe saltwater

1-Boil in a clean pan 3 cups of tap water (750 ml) and a teaspoon (5 ml) of table salt for 10 minutes. Stir well to dissolve the salt. Cool.

Empty 2-weekly saline remaining Salines your small bottle and clean the bottle with hot soapy water or in the dishwasher. Rinse bottle with a small portion of your preparation saline solution to remove any traces of soap.

3 – Pour the salt water in the bottle.

4 – You can refrigerate the rest of the prepared solution into a clean container and closed for a maximum of 7 days. This solution is used to make the filling of the bottle during the week.

Notes: Keep the bottle in room temperature to avoid applying cold water in the nose of the child.