The bladder is one of the most important parts of the urinary tract. Along with the kidneys, she is responsible for removing fluid from the body from side to side urine. When certain bacteria enter the urinary tract and manage to move to this body they begin to undergo a series of annoying and painful symptoms that point to a likely infection. Generally the bacteria are concentrated in the digestive tract vagina and urethra and even.

Many of them are eliminated from the body with no causing bladder infections however anyone is free to develop an infection at any time. When we feel signs of a bladder infection is very important to give early treatment for your symptoms do not affect the excellence of life and prevent doing everyday tasks. However, be aware that it can develop at any time it is also good to take some preventive measures.


Symptoms of a bladder infection

The symptoms of this condition can vary from person to person and by type of bacteria that attack the body.

  • Burning with urination
  • Constantly need to urinate
  • Back pain or abdomen
  • Cloudy and odorous urine
  • Fever and chills

We cannot say that there is a 100% effective way to prevent urinary tract bladder infections but what we can do is decrease the risk by adopting some healthy habits. Eating healthy water and fluids help to purify the urinary system and take away any bacteria that can reason infections. Make sure you take every day 6-8 glasses of water juices teas and smoothies. You should not be included as liquid commercial soda or soda as these are rich in sugar and may add to the risk.

Frequent urination

Whenever the body tells the toilet is very important to you right away, because they endure can lead to the growth of bacteria and subsequently to infection.

Avoid chemicals

Chemical products for personal hygiene may alter the vaginal flora and destroy the good bacteria that protect the urinary tract infections. Perfumed vaginal sprays, powders or soaps, among others, affect your vaginal pH and create you susceptible to infections. The daily personal hygiene is essential to prevent infections because through this potential bad bacteria that might be in the vagina are removed. Among this it includes avoiding the use of wet clothes for a long time for example, swimsuits. Moisture gives rise to bacterial growth and could end up causing this health problem.


Choose lingerie suitable also has much to do in the avoidance of this condition. Some undergarments are made ​​of cloth that cause moisture in the area causing flow and thus cause the growth of microorganisms. It is recommended to use cotton underwear to loose fitting, as this allows ventilation and prevents moisture.

Appropriate clothing

In addition to proper underwear you should also avoid wearing tight clothing like jeans and other pants that trap moisture in the delicate area and give rise to the growth of these diseases. Try to choose loose jeans chinos or skirts.