Fatigue and impaired concentration , despite the holidays are just finished? There were quite long and relaxing? It ‘s time to become aware of the fact that you can also suffer stress from returning to work . And ‘temporary discomfort, mild, but that in particular situations, may be complicated by much and especially to make the working days a nightmare. Recover energy is still possible, thanks to a series of minor and all ‘ homeopathy .

Stress re-entry and homeopathy

The stress response is a physiological, natural, of our body to sudden changes in circumstances, which tends to correct itself. When it persists over time, can become pathological, both from the standpoint of physical and psychic. And ‘why it is necessary to prevent the continuation. In case of physical fatigue (combined with drowsiness ) may be useful Nux Vomica 30 CH , 5 granules before bedtime every night . In case of anxiety is recommended Gelsemium 30 CH , 5 granules to be taken as needed. The same applies to the ‘ Ignatia amara 30 CH , useful in case of tachycardia and palpitations .


There is also in the trade dative PC , a homeopathic product containing 6 different specialties as well as useful to counteract the anxiety, also the nervousness , the tremor , sleep disturbances and tension headache . It takes two tablets three times a day. Download the tension is also possible thanks to the sport , but even if in this case lack the energy ? To address the problem of hitting small and abbreviate trauma due to excessive force, including homeopathic medicines are Arnica Montana and Ruta graveolans .

Stress re-entry, practical advice

for the rest, to prevent stress from indentation, just deal with it calmly, from the day in the office, by following some simple rules, also a Decalogue : we propose that developed by Prof. Claudio Lucchiari , Professor of Cognitive Psychology at the University of Milan.

1. Living in peace with colleagues
2. Focus on a specific goal
3. Program the various phases
4. Start searching stimulation and motivation in what you do
5. Take breaks every now and then
6. A coffee or tea can not only be good, just do not overdo the amount
7. If possible, be accompanied by a pleasant music in the background
8. Restart the commitments gradually
9. Also gradually readjust to the new times going to sleep early in the evening
10. A light and balanced diet will do the rest.