The final exams are around the corner and the stress for those who have to deal with is felt every day. In fact this is the first big test with themselves, there is anxiety for the long-term future, although what worries most is the weeks to come: what choices for college? Will be crucial for the continuation of life. And the friendships? Or will you lose? The test of maturity is the true boundary line between adolescence and adult life. It ‘clear that already in itself brings a state of emotional turmoil complex, compounded by the fear of a challenging exam, for which, perhaps, has not been studied enough (or simply not believed to be prepared). The stress and fatigue for the school year that is ending is a maximum, How to overcome stress ?


Exams: sleep is the first weapon

A good sleep restaurateur, every night, is the first weapon to get effortlessly and with as little stress as possible graduation examination. It is not a contradiction, but a state of fact: the memory of women is much more active than their male colleagues, but must be helped. The brain is put to rest if not sleep about 8 hours per night, in the long run can give no signs of abating and the first symptoms are precisely the difficulty with concentration and memory, which are essential for anyone who is preparing for an exam. For this reason, from now instead of studying whole nights sleep is more important to devote himself, favoring it with a good herbal tea with hawthorn or chamomile, avoiding coffee and other stimulants during the day, but especially from late afternoon onwards.

Sport as stress from final exams

If your mind is clear and rested, discharge voltages, to assimilate the contents of a revision of history or geography will certainly be easier. And what could be better than a healthy physical activity ? Going to the gym, or maybe to do jogging , even with a group of girlfriends, is ideal. The sport also helps to tire just enough to sleep well, but most of all oxygenates the airways, the lungs, the blood, the brain. They go well then the other fun activities, such as shopping or the theater or cinema, but physical activity is always the number 1.