You can not go to your dentist or pharmacist? Opt for a natural remedy to alleviate the problems and relieve pain.

Sore mouth can be caused by ulcers, inflammation of the gums, abscesses and cavities. There are other causes that require a rapid response by a general practitioner (syphilis sores, oral thrush).

The ulcer

The canker sore is a small ulcer placed on the tongue, palate, gums or inside of the cheek. It gives a burning sensation that can sometimes be very painful. There is no known cause actually causes canker sores, but it is known that the consumption of nuts and cheese can participate in their appearance. Generally, the sore disappears within ten days, but your dentist may “burn” and your pharmacist will advise lozenges to ease his passing.


As its name suggests, Gingivitis is an inflammation of the gums. They swell, become red, painful and bleed the passage of the toothbrush. It is often due to food stuck between the teeth or a pie plate that irritates the gums. The use of dental floss, a regular tooth brushing and scaling your dentist every year is strongly recommended to fight against gingivitis. This disease should not be taken lightly, because in the long run, gingivitis can greatly participate in loose teeth!


The abscess cavities &

The abscess cavities and are often extremely painful. They can lead to the famous “toothache” that is often accompanied by headache and sometimes fever. In all cases, it is imperative to consult a dentist as soon as possible! As gingivitis, tooth brushing and regular annual monitoring your dentist are the only means of preventing caries and arrive at a dental abscess.

Herbal medicine to fight against the evils of the mouth

Herbal medicine has more to prove its effectiveness, because for millennial plants, vegetables and fruits have shown their potential to fight against certain diseases. Some medications prescribed by a doctor or drugstore are sometimes composed mainly medicinal plants. Nowadays, many drugs used to fight against the evils of the mouth. However, some herbs are very commonly used in remedies “grandmother” to make your own mouthwash, to appease evil, to accelerate healing and wait before the consultation with the dentist.

Mouthwash natural, homemade

Boil a liter of water for five minutes:

– 4 slices of lemon
– 4 pinches of thyme,
– 4 cloves.

Filter and make mouthwashes with this drink, morning and evening. This preparation can be prepared for the day or stored in bottles in the refrigerator for three days. In this case, add two pinches or washers for each quart of water and more. However, it is preferable that the mouthwash is at room temperature when you use it.

NB: The use of this mouthwash may also help you keep your teeth white. Indeed, the use of lemon juice has long been known as a medicinal plant helping to teeth whitening!