In a healthy diet can not miss some natural elements, which with their principles and their peculiarities will help not only to regain fitness, but to maintain a healthy body, as long as you consume fairly and above all continuous. That’s good advice on how to keep fit with berries in your daily diet.


The berries, or fruits, are some real “treasures” to bring to the table in various ways: at the end of a meal, as a snack, such as jams or compotes, or more drinks such as juices and juice etc. They can be eaten all year round, because it was discovered that their preservation under cold, freezing, maintains all its properties intact, especially at the level of vitamins and minerals. More, currants, raspberries, blueberries, black grapes, strawberries and strawberry red fruits are among the most popular, often by children, who will appreciate them over ice cream or snack in a nice salad, loaded with color because even the most classic snack! Then you follow our advice on how to keep fit in with berries! Benefits and ownership among the most widely known of the red fruits there are certainly those doing particularly well out of sight, keep the young heart in the muscles, promote elasticity of blood vessels. The red color is given by the anthologists, compounds of the family of poly phenols, so the well known antioxidants provided by mother nature.

They slow down the aging of cells and promote the production of collagen (the scaffolding of blood vessels). Thanks to these substances oxygenates the blood circulates better and better , as a consequence also the tissues, is the true well-being and the achievement of a good physical shape from the inside, that is, from healthy nutrition! Among the vitamins that are rich in red fruits let’s not forget the vitamin C , remain the same even in conditions of extreme cold as in the case of freezing. Regarding the combination with yogurt, there would be studies that would show how their antioxidant properties are inhibited by milk, then perhaps it would be better to eat them separately. but staying on the blueberries, is to keep in mind and to be considered as a supplement to a diet that want to point to well-being, their concentrated form in the form of juice, in which the concentrations of anthologists maintain very high doses. A practical way to get in the office or away from home the chance to drink something healthy and wholesome!

Further studies One new study at Oregon State University, a cocktail of red grapes and blueberries would be able to make a huge help in relation to defense of the most common bacteria, especially in winter. Unfortunately this talk about viruses you can not do while on the bacteria would act the union between prognosticate and restorative, two substances present on the skin and in the blueberry and red grape, with stimulant. then if these two substances is associated with the Vitamin D is produced as a result of exposure of our skin to the sun, or assimilated due to natural sources of food, the effect is definitely enhanced. Conclusions How to stay fit? With the berries! Let’s have a large space in these small fruits, especially fresh that we will be able to lend a hand important for maintaining physical fitness in the name of good health, and for those lucky enough to have a home in the mountains or in the country, know that cultivate it is really very easy and fun! Do not you have a holiday home? No problem, you can grow them on your balcony!