Why they hate women sex, love and why does it make that risk aversion lasts? A man can reverse it? Here are 5 tips for a part of leg in the air is pleasant for both of you.

Why would a woman make love to hate?

Before attempting to overcome obstacles to get a fulfilling sex life, it is useful to understand what is the cause of this disinterest in sex. Although most women are able to express their discontent, some choose to hide their feelings. If your wife is behaving this way, your entire sex life will be affected. Sex will not be shared because it is not emotionally and sexually connected to you. Worse, she can use sex for personal (blackmail).

A woman who feels neglected by her partner or whose husband is cheating, blocks any desire for him. For her, your relationship is not a good foundation and sex is not a cure in itself. If the man refuses to deal with this problem by not attempting to resolve the situation by an open discussion with your partner or even seek help from a professional, then these chances of finding a partner willing and eager are zero. Of course, there are women who have never really enjoy making love. While some will try to find a solution with their partner to bring out the best in their sexual relationships, others are resigned to the idea that sexual frustration is part of them. With much lower expectations, they will not reach orgasm.

How to change this little sex life?

Although there is no guarantee of a quick fix, the following ideas should at least start to get things done before the situation becomes too heavy and that it requires the services of a counselor or therapist.

(1) Take care of her, to listen. It is the responsibility of all men to become intimately acquainted with the woman with whom he wants to make love. You must pay attention to the signals it sends you in everyday life. You should know what she likes and does not like and understand what makes angry, hurt, fear him or what makes it run.

(2) Do not make her feel like a sex object. Though a man is tender with the woman he wants to make love, it needs to feel emotionally connected before in the mood for lovemaking. Therefore, it should be treated with kindness and consideration to the interior and exterior of the house, that is to say all the time.

(3) Strengthen emotional intimacy. This can be done by having a real daily communication with his partner, that is to say, to listen and talk to him. If there are disagreements between you, try to resolve as soon as you can to avoid conflict at the wrong time. It should also ensure to spend time together. Couples who listen and share the daily activities of life together foster a more intense sexual life.

(4) Enjoy even minimal progress and do not be constantly looking result. It is necessary to recognize that sex is not always perfect. You must learn to relax and enjoy the moment and simply enjoy the small advances. If the result is not what you expect, see it as a learning experience and a chance for you to improve it later.

I’m sure you never want to be a bad lover in bed. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the different sexual techniques and customize them to match the needs of your partner. You can read more about this by clicking on the true love and what she wants.