Sensitive area of ​​the female body, it is very prone to failure and relaxation. In order to counteract this action of time and not only that, better to act on several fronts. The breast is one of the most delicate areas of the body of a woman, who is suffering more than others, the severity and the passage of time. Undergoes also natural events such as breastfeeding generated by pregnancy. E ‘therefore useful to know how to firm up breasts because it is composed of muscle fibers, but in addition to the glandular part is made ​​up of adipose tissue. From a purely structural point of view, it should be noted that the breasts are based simply on the pectorals major and the pectorals minor, which if well toned muscles can take part in much support to the breast. Which is the best strategy to keep your breasts nice and firm? Better to go to act on several fronts: behavior, exercise, creams and massage. Behavior The size of the breast certainly have an influence on its elasticity and firmness, the more voluminous breasts are obviously more prone to laxity and degeneration of the structure, but also a breast little, if neglected, suffers the loss of tone and firmness.


The support and maintenance of the natural state of the breast is affected by major changes in weight . Another important point is to always use a good bra that contains and sustains the same time. Even the posture is critical, it is imperative to have shoulders wide open, back straight, preventing the serious weight of the breast only on the skin that contains it. Exercises To be able to give support to the area, you have to go to work the pectoral muscles to be able to at least provide a solid base for the breast. Here are the main exercises to firm your breasts.

* Clasped hands (like praying) in front of the chest, lift your hands up to the elbows and push hard now for at least 5-7 seconds and then release. Do this for 15 or 20 times and back them 3 or 4 series.
* Stand facing a wall, about 30 cm apart, place your palms at shoulder width apart. Now run a downturn and return to the starting position. Repeat the movement 10 times and then rest 1 minute. It requires at least 3 sets.
* Extend your arms straight out in front of you, now made of large scissor kick, at least 20 and run 10 series.
* Last exercise is to have your arms at 90 degrees with forearms, elbows at shoulder height, with his fists up. Now open your arms holding them in place and then closer together in front of you up to almost merge them. To be carried out 12 times. Back them at least 3 sets. effect increases with weights in hand.

Creams and Massage

It ‘important that the breast is always well hydrated to keep their skin firm and elastic. A further aid also comes from special creams for firming the part. Must be applied and massaged to allow easy penetration and to stimulate circulation while maintaining a firm consistency. The massage will work with one hand under the breast and the other above. Move the hand supporting inward and the other outward. Cosmetic Surgery How firming the breasts in other ways? It may also be the use of cosmetic surgery , perform a breast going to remove all the tissue and mammary gland, replacing it with a prosthetic foam. It goes to create a volume and a shape that is similar to the natural one. Remember that an operation is invasive.