The low pressure is a disorder, or rather, a condition that afflicts many people, especially young people and especially women. Although in itself it is not a disorder serious, indeed, it is certainly better for the health of the heart have a low blood pressure rather than high, though its manifestations are somewhat annoying. Especially in the morning happen to get up out of energy, exhausted, to have dizziness for every little change of position, you have a heavy head and make it hard to concentrate. Symptoms difficult to fight, but with the progress of time it begins to “carburetor” and in the evening it feels much better.


But in the meantime the major tasks of the day are concentrated just in the morning, so what? Typically, those suffering from low blood pressure consume gallons of coffee , because caffeine has, in fact, the power to increase slightly the blood stream, but it is not conclusive, it is also best not to go overboard with this drink. Alternatively, you can do to feel more fit, to recover the physical energy that seems to be missing?

In a natural way, it is possible to taking supplements and consuming herbal teas fit for purpose and completely devoid of side effects. For example, the tablets of thermocouples are really effective to restore tone, are especially suitable for women (while ginseng has similar effects but more on men), but other supplements recommended are the royal jelly and magnesium. Regarding beverages, however, apart from the already mentioned coffee, free way to the!

Especially the green and the red are excellent revitalizing, antioxidant rich. But infusions of red sorrel (hibiscus flower, also great for hypertension) and tamarind are very effective. So you just have to try these teas for breakfast or mid-morning, to see if your state has general benefits. Remember that hypo tension or low blood pressure, to be defined as such, should not exceed 50 mm HG minimum and maximum of 90-100 mm HG.