The sleep is an effective remedy for memory , heart , athletic performance and also maintaining the line, but his balance is often influenced by the lifestyle and stress. This time of year also the change of season and the “sore spring” can lead to sleep disorders since the body must be re-tuned on new biological rhythms.

Alongside the desire to be outdoors and enjoy the day there will also be the feeling of tiredness and sleepiness due to the change of pace. The most recent studies show that more than a sum of hours, good sleep is the result of a very delicate balance and is favored by the harmony between our usual business hours, and circadian rhythms of the body. When all this is altered here that appear the first problems of insomnia , it is hard to fall asleep or you wake up several times during the night.


In such cases it may be useful to the new product Nathura , HARMONY ® Pulse , based on melatonin , which helps to find the right balance of sleep shortening the time required to get to sleep, and in the case of nocturnal awakenings, facilitating falling back to sleep. Harmony ® Pulse is a formulation of 5 mg of melatonin, a pulsate release : the sequential stage of 2 mg + 1 mg is indicated for the first stage of sleep, while the subsequent release distributed in time further 2 mg leads to a better quality of sleep until morning.

Nathura gives top priority to the quality and purity of the products and ensure maximum effectiveness. Melatonin present in Harmony is, in fact, of certified purity. In 2011 she was awarded an exclusive product certification that guarantees a degree of purity of at least 99.9%. (Certiquality – Technical Document No. 60 – Certificate No. P1390). Distributed in pharmacy, Harmony Pulse 5 mg is available in a handy box of 40 tablets.