Dyslexia is a developmental disorder that can greatly affect the academic and social life of a child. Although there are different symptoms that are grouped to detect dyslexia the fact is that the problems associated with this disease do not manifest in the same way a child of 4 years on November 1 and likewise also They vary from one child to another even if they have the same age.

How to detect dyslexia

Since our educational system is based on written language children suffering from dyslexia are deprived of being able to assimilate many essential concepts to develop intellectually and academically, leading them to feel misunderstood and frustrated, marked vague or foolish when, perhaps, They work harder and are more intelligent than average. From all this it follows that detect dyslexia early stage is vital to avoid leaving squeal emotional level, which may discourage or even suffering from school failure.

Until the children start school is very difficult to detect early signs of dyslexia, it is when they start the educational stage appearing the first problems associated with this disorder. One of these problems is the language delay which is evident in comparison with other colleagues, causing difficulties manifest themselves mispronunciation and hawing.

Parallel start to feel some awkwardness to driving level given that dyslexia may cause immature motor skills, which can be seen in how to hold a pencil; squeezing too, performing inverted movements, etc. It is also at this age when they begin to show problems of behavior and care in regards to school, and little short-term memory, while the long term can be good.

If it has been detected early and has carried out a treatment from this age children are already overcoming mistakes in oral language, although compared with peers continue to have a limited vocabulary, vocabulary, and poor. In any case, reading comprehension is still well below the oral understanding.

To work more with these concepts also become more obvious the readers and writing problems, in turn, mirror writing and syllables jumbled remains. At this time, also, they tend to start trading with the numbers, so difficult to read, interpret and make trades with them may appear. One of the most difficult tasks is to sort them in descending sequence of numbers.

Detect dyslexia from 9 to 12 years

With this age, it is when they appear more strongly the problems at the level of behavior. It is very common that dyslexic children present lack of interest, lack of motivation and are very impulsive and immature for his age. It is quite common that these people have other developmental disorders, such as the TDH. His ability to focus is very limited and is disorganized, predominantly at school level, usually something normal for books that catch them when they need them or forget the duties are left.