Hot and insomnia, here is a horrible combination, sleep and temperature rise and the air becomes almost unbearable, even when some simple and natural remedies are able to rest peacefully. In fact, because of the humidity in the summer is the hottest season of the year, often large, sleep problems are just around the corner. To the most effective natural remedies, here are some great allies against insomnia is to heat. Here we describe how to cure insomnia naturally.

Little tricks before sleep

To regulate their body temperature by not going to fire when you lie down in bed, better follow few tips before you go to sleep. I avoid making the situation worse, too cold or too warm, not hot water first before choosing to sleep, shower, and go. You can provide relief from the outside through an open window or a fan of sleep, but if you have something inside panacea. Herbal teas and cold drinks, as well as that consumed at room temperature to ensure good sleep.

Among the most effective natural remedies, eat it, but the bed sheets and pillows fresh and promote better sleep, lavender spray is not over. In addition, many feel that even when the summer temperatures in the opposite antidote, practice sports everyday is a good deal, I think, is ideal for strength training and secure your dream is really gold.


The right diet

Small step, but a good diet. Despite the warm temperatures of the right feeding is essential to guarantee a good night’s sleep. In particular, the food is well divided into those that are best avoided. The first group, such as bread, pasta and rice, lettuce, radishes, onions, garlic, fresh cheese, eggs, fruit and milk in the diet. Serial issues, the more the grain, when possible, to choose good, to maximize the effect. However, excessive spices, as well as the preparation and the fat and calories, salt and pepper, curry or paprika-rich dishes, but the food is high in sodium-laden cooking too salty, chips, pretzels and dishes. Improved limits, then coffee, chocolate, cocoa, tea, and alcoholic beverages.