Cross and delight of summer weight loss programs, it is the thought that pounding from the media and from the depths of ourselves, keeps repeating: “The dress rehearsal the dress rehearsal. “In order to comply with the canons of our time, undertake a diet seems like the only possible solution . The problem is that often, to finish what we started, sounds intimidating. Regulatory power in an intelligent manner, however, is the only way to restore your mental and physical balance .

Starting a diet low calorie, it is always the easiest part of a path, but, for many, becomes in the long run, exhausting and demeaning. Often thought of being able to take off all the weight needed as soon as possible, and even more often you exit the battle against the “self excess” defeated and even more chubby. Consult an industry professional, to avoid running into pitfalls of false promises of novel Dr. Dulcamara (to quote Donizetti) or DIY methods, it is a correct starting point. The advice of a nutritionist and / or a dietician, you will be able to channel the energies in the right way and to balance the foods in the proper order according to your tastes. early days I definitely will be tough: we must remember that dieting still want to say eat less, even if you can find the best compromise (yogurt, fruit and excellent low calorie recipes which now has full web, thanks also to the many reality shows and the attention on the subject) that they will not necessarily to affect the everyday stresses .


In addition to the opinion of the specialist, it is essential exercise, which along with a healthy diet, it is a key component in any kind of activity for the reduction of body weight. Killing a gym without eating, of course, is not the right way to approach the thing, but believing that only the reduction of calories is enough, it is equally naive, by those who embarks on a journey of this kind . Running and swimming are usually indicated as the most complete sports to eliminate toxins and tone all the muscles of the body evenly, but also a good dose of walking urban (to walk when you can, carve out their own space in the city, it is also a way to live it actively).

Now – however – we move on to serious considerations, what we do and all that we hold for us, on the back of our minds, a little ‘out of fear and a little’ out of frustration If it is true that eating fruits and vegetables, give up junk food and get lots of work, it helps, it is also true that everything does not make sense if the force of will, the goal to achieve and our intentions humoral go up and down like shares on the stock exchange. If you lose the extra pounds is already in itself a big job, keep the results of a weight loss diet is almost exclusively a matter brain: be aware of changes in your body, your health status and look in the mirror with more pleasure, are basic requirements for each of the previous steps is not the beginning of a bad slip concentration, commitment and self-esteem: these are the fundamental keys, then, to feel good about themselves: inside and outside.