Change the mattress is a real obstacle course, where everyone has advice. Comfort has become a business, not always listen to the customers.

The good old wool blanket hand stitched our grandparents gave way to a real market of sleep. Back pain, the famous “evil of the century” was a new argument to sell bedding more expensive, more sophisticated. How to navigate this jungle where everyone promises the most peaceful sleep and waking up enchanting?

Backache, bad mattress?

What a boon for merchants bedding that new evil of the century! And it was tempting to blame our mattress to solve a symptom that even doctors do not understand the causes. It is true that most people complain of waking up every morning with lower back loose, and they need a few minutes to regain mobility and rising. How strange it is to have back pain after long hours of rest, the logic is clear: the mattress is bad!

Should perhaps go to the side of the intestines if there is not another controller backache. During the night, digestion continues and in the morning (around 5 am), the large intestine is at work, mostly inflated and loaded gas. In the horizontal position, the volume compresses the lumbar spine. Some people have woken up to that time by the “backache”, or if they wake up later, sometimes find themselves paralyzed with pain and must turn in great precautions to be able to stand. A small overview of your diet might not be superfluous not to give in too quickly to your merchant arguments bedding and mattresses to choose according to your actual needs.


A quality mattress for broke: foam

Everyone can not invest hundreds of dollars in a mattress super ergonomic. Foam mattresses now offer a choice of density and quality is nice. 8 to 20 cm thick, soft, semi-soft or very firm foam poly ether or polyurethane is comfortable, durable and is well ventilated to avoid moisture.

Advantage: good comfort for a small price and lightweight for transportation. There is a little more expensive foams differentiated support, which allows two different weight sleepers share the same comfort. Can be custom cut foam, without filling or tick, it will be even cheaper.

For allergic, latex mattresses

If you have a stuffy nose when you lie down, you wake up with clogged sinuses or tingling throat and nose occur at bedtime, you are probably sensitive to dust mites. Latex is ideal for you: good material that does not like germs or bacteria. Make sure the mattress is labeled “natural latex”. It is more expensive than foam, but it does not require anti-mites. Of course, if you are allergic to latex buying a mattress provided with a lining and a tick thick enough to insulate you from latex.

For fans of austerity, the Japanese futon

The futon is composed of layers of cotton stacked and packed, inside a cotton cloth. The real Japanese futon is very hard and is used on a tatami rice straw, very hard then. It often takes several weeks to get used to, but his followers are unanimous for anything they would return to a conventional mattress.Contrary to popular belief, it overcomes the backache. Western manufacturers have found a compromise by inserting between layers of cotton a “soul” latex offering a soft additional or alternate coir with latex.

Fibromyalgia or bodily pain: the foam shape memory

Here is the newest foams sleep: viscous-elastic mold it to all parts of the body and regains its shape instantly, you feel weightless sleep. The price may be prohibitive, but a compromise is possible by placing a mattress on his finest old mattress. If you suffer from musculature problems, arthritis, fibroblast, this foam prevents pressure on painful areas.

The bed, the indispensable

If you buy a good mattress, whatever its terms, do not put on an old mattress or slats smashed inappropriate. But this is another topic that we will discuss in another article.