Among the elements that make up the foods, fats, however, are among the elements that contribute to weight gain because content in different foods which are often misused.

Should be so disposed of or burned to prevent accumulations then we find that, unfortunately, in various areas of our body such as legs, hips, buttocks and stomach. How to burn excess fat? There are several ways to get the desired result, in addition to prevention, not just entries donated too. fats are contained in many foods, as well as a fundamental part of toppings common as oil and butter. But it should not be totally eliminated because they have the necessary substances to the body, but often abuse it: too many fried foods, too much food served, too much red meat (if they are different fat content), too many sauces. It is therefore necessary to think about how to burn excess fat if maybe in some periods if abused.


Check out how to speed up your metabolism, but if that was not enough here are some other tricks on how to burn fat in a targeted manner. Feeding If you already are aware of but do not assume excess maybe replace the seasonings with spices (use chilli great fat burning), a trick is to make 5 meals instead of three. It much easier to accumulate fat because you tend to eat more, and in a short time. If the same calories were divided into 5, you can dispose better, especially fats. Reduce refined starches (bread, pasta and rice). Also responsible for weight gain, are nevertheless fundamental in the right quantities, but those grains are preferred. Not associated with alcohol in a high-fat meal. This mix encourages the accumulation of the latter, so if you want ‘overdriven’ Drink water. Water is crucial to drink at least 8 glasses a day (about a quart and a half).

Minerals The football is one of the elements that help to burn more fat, but be careful, find a way to take it without associating it with other fats (such as in cheese), better then fat dairy products with calcium, also added artificially. Although potassium is one of the minerals fat burning, then eat without exaggeration, bananas, but this element is also present in oranges and other fruits and vegetables. Stress Among the disease of our age, stress also goes to act primarily on the accumulation of fat in the abdominal area. It therefore important to relax and find a way to download the anxiety and stress for the proper disposal of fats. Physical Activity How to burn fat fast? Granted but always worth repeating, physical activity is essential to burn the excess fat also.

No need for strenuous activity, choose aerobic activities (minimum effort but prolonged), but the classic 30 minutes a day is a good base, even just a brisk walk. If you can increase the time, it will certainly help the physique, there are also fat burning supplements such as green coffee beans or other preparations. Be careful, maybe guide to red tea, and to have in mind the fundamentals, you can see our 5 tips fat burning .