How to avoid gaining weight in summer In summer you tend to be more outdoors, long walks in the mountains or swimming in the sea, but even just riding in the green of parks and public gardens. In all these cases, when you return home you are often caught up in a great hunger, with the risk of being at the end of summer with a few more pounds! What to do? Eating Fresh This is a simple rule, or eat things fresh and refreshing, however, that should not necessarily be fat and sweets, such as some industrial ice-cream, the best ice cream DIY ! Also avoid some of sugary drinks and sodas , rich in carbon dioxide that instantly give that feeling of freshness but they soon reach a peak glycemic because of their excessive amount of sugar is quickly absorbed.

Avoid exceeding your beer The beer is a ‘good drink that you drink especially in the summer with great pleasure, but be careful not to overdo it, because it is a drink that could be likened to a plate, from the point of view of the calories, and its excessive consumption may first create swelling belly and then to fatten. Exercising Exercising is very important and crucial to maintain the right line, but this does not have to follow a gargantuan meal! We must learn to know how to adjust, such as choosing lunch, after a swim, a rich and colorful mixed salad with tuna and mozzarella. Or a fragrant flatbread with arugula and bresaola and a squeeze of orange or cranberry juice, in short, a concentrate of vitamins , minerals and fiber.


Television and Cinema In summer it is nice to enjoy maybe a nice movie at the cinema or on television after a pleasant hike in the mountains, you will restore body and mind. But be careful not to make the mistake of eating in front of the TV or to take those huge packs of popcorn at the movies, maybe accompanied by fizzy drinks and sweet! Eating in front of a screen is one of the causes of obesity not only adult but also children. Holidays short seem to do short breaks instead of long idle periods, avoid the danger of gaining weight, I wonder if this theory is true.

If you think about it for a moment, however, it is perhaps true that the spend maybe 3 weeks in a resort where every day is served at the table with 100 good things and more in the self-service allows us to do an encore and also the Tris I believe that the theory mentioned above has some truth to! Replace the temptations If the temptation is an ice cream or a croissant try to replace it with a popsicle, or a border or a sorbet. You’ll have something good after a meal, but less sweet and calorie intake. If you feel the need for a slice of cake, try to replace it with a fruit salad with a teaspoon of honey, or a fruit smoothie . Little tricks very useful not to yield to temptations especially when these are often present.