The holiday season is the most anticipated of the year. After months of hard work finally promises the much-longed-for moment to leave and finally get rid of the weight and stress accumulated during the year. To make sure you fully enjoy the holiday, however, it is good to protect themselves so they do not take any unnecessary risks that could compromise the quality. One of the dangers in which it incurs more, especially when traveling to tropical countries, is to be victims of poisoning food that can spoil the holiday and, in the worst cases, lead to far more serious consequences. Let’s see how to avoid these problems and to make the most of our stay.

Food poisoning, in most cases, are due to deficiencies of sanitary and could cause a simple tummy ache or at worst, leave much heavier trains for health. In holiday at home, the first thing to do when you are going to eat you wash your hands, especially if it is a meal of sandwiches or “finger food“, or food to eat without cutlery.

When you are on holiday in foreign countries, who may have poor hygiene regulations more than ours, different attentions should be taken to avoid problems related to food poisoning. Before leaving should be thoroughly read up on the place you are going to visit and structure that will host, requesting information on people who have stayed there previously. It ‘strongly advised not to buy food from stalls and markets, where the cleanliness of the food is inevitably poorer also because of the fact that the products are often exposed close to busy roads.


Eating raw foods (especially animal) can contribute to the proliferation of germs and bacteria that can lead to diseases such as salmonellosis, it is therefore wiser to eat cooked food, avoiding what you do not know the source. Fruits and vegetables should always be washed thoroughly and peeled, to be sure not to swallow any pesticides came into contact with the food. Even water can be a factor of infection, so you will have to necessarily drink bottled water, and in many countries it is not recommended even use tap water to brush your teeth to avoid accidentally drink a few drops. Everywhere you go on vacation, it’s always good to bring from home a little food ready to be used in case of emergency.

To fully enjoy a vacation is important not to run into health problems during your stay. Able to avoid the risks linked to food poisoning will allow us to enjoy the most of the holiday and not run into unpleasant surprises.