Currently, the trend is that the real cigarette abandoned in favor of the electronic cigarette but what is really the difference between them?

The electronic cigarette is as its name indicates a device that is based on the operation of a real cigarette but does not emit harmful substances. He must know that 4000 has carcinogens in a pure tobacco. To use the smoker inhales like a real cigarette but instead of having a smoke, there’s steam coming out of the electronic cigarette, the smell does not necessarily remember that pure tobacco. This is why the electronic cigarette is recommended for those who want to stop smoking or with those who do not want to expose their environment from the adverse effects of passive smoking.

The presentation also differs from the electronic cigarette of the real cigarette. Certainly, one can find e cigarette s as a small cylinder to mimic real cigarettes but be aware that they are longer. A clear you can also find other types of electronic devices including this one shaped pipe. In addition, you can opt for her favorite color. Instead of a filter, electronic cigarettes have a cartridge containing a cotton pad soaked with nicotine doses customizable. There are also non-nicotine cartridges but emit scents of food flavorings. And instead of turning with a lighter, electronic cigarette is activated by inserting a battery of 3.6 V.


When using an e cigarette, we proceed in the same way as a real cigarette: it must suck on one end of the device. However, this will trigger the microprocessor and then the evaporator which is connected to the cartridge. The latter will therefore aspired air and mix the contents of the swab to form steam. For an electronic cigarette, the end does not burn but rather a red light that turns on whenever the smoker inhales. To mark his contribution in the context of smoking cessation, you should know that the e cigarette lights only at least 30 minutes after each use.