For the child and the parents, infant sleep is very important. Does he sleep on your back? What should he wear? Here are tips for your baby to bed. Every parent asks the same question: how much sleep the baby? Enjoy a good night’s sleep is not only beneficial to parents exhausted by busy days. Seen as a very young age, baby should rest so that his brain can consolidate his memory and absorb what surrounds it. The quality and duration of sleep are essential to its development. Then how much sleep your baby? A history of temperatures to sleep well baby Too hot, too cold, too wet, too dry.


The parameters of the air surrounding the newborn in her room to be taken into account. Well as for your baby to bed, it must be in a room where the temperature remains pleasant. Between 18 and 20 ° C is ideal for him ensure a smooth night. But not only that. As for baby sleep, it should not be encouraged. The radiator must therefore be far enough away from him to not be bothered during his sleep. In addition, the pilot is unnecessary because very young children are not “still” afraid of the dark. Posing a hygrometer near the crib, it will be possible to decide whether to humidify the room if too dry air. So, enough to get a humidifier for the relative humidity of the chamber reaches at least 50%.

The worn clothes are equally important for good sleep your baby in the summer, when it is too hot, the layer may sometimes suffice, in winter pajamas and bra are essential. If you see crying at bedtime your baby, it may be that it is too hot or too excited and can not calm down is: do not hesitate to take in your arms for a moment soothe and verify that it is covered: neither too much nor too little.

Bed and a good position to sleep well your baby

bedding is also a parameter to take into account your baby sleep well. To assure him sleep safely, young children should be surrounded by a fence. Sheets or duvet? Neither. The baby does not need all this, or even a pillow, which will allow it to properly develop his spine. On the back or stomach? It is the eternal question asked by parents for how well her baby bed. In fact, placed on the back child breathe better because his face is clear. Result: falling asleep much easier and especially a significant reduction in risk of sudden death.

In addition, the prone position significantly slows the loss of superfluous heat. However, we know that the risk of hydrocephaly increased when the baby is too often placed on the back. It is imperative that it be placed on the abdomen during his wakefulness. Baby sleeping on the side is not even an option to consider. Indeed, in this position, the young child seated in his bed would increase the risk of swallowing and cough so that the wake easily.
Besides these “technical” tips for your baby to bed, we should not forget one that is important: do not go to a baby being stressed and anxiety because he feels everything.