Cigarette smoking is a real addiction, but how to make the right decision knowingly without feeling guilty

We are often in the presence of smokers, “addicted to” to smoking, or we make ourselves part of the “caste of smoking”? Despite the bad publicity surrounding this addiction and the many smoking bans in public places, tobacco sales do not regress, and the effects of smoking on health progress. Tobacco appears to be a scourge among young people. Indeed, French 66 000 die as a result of smoking. Cigarette smoking is the cause of cancer in three.

Why tobacco dependence is so strong?

Tobacco dependence settles quickly upon the first cigarettes. When certain places or situations trigger the urge to smoke, this is called the behavioral dependency.When the cigarette becomes a way to manage emotions, to focus or stimulating, this phenomenon is called psychological dependence. Physical dependence is the most dangerous. It results when the sudden drop of nicotine in the body causes a withdrawal syndrome.


Why stop smoking?

Besides cancer, smoking can cause respiratory diseases, risk of heart attack, stroke, problems with shortness of breath. It is never too late to stop, because the benefits are immediate. Within days, the smell and taste improve and coughing decreases. After a year, the risk of heart is divided by 2, and after 5 years, the risk of lung cancer is halved.

Several motivations

Stopping smoking requires a real motivation. In general, a trigger event causes the urge to quit. This event may be the arrival of a child in the family, problems with troublesome breathlessness in everyday life, excessive cost, nuisance to those around must be the disadvantages of smoking outweigh the pleasures that smoking can bring. While some fears, as does weight gain, irritable, tired, are obstacles, outside help may be needed.

When a person is really determined to quit smoking, or just personal motivation, a doctor’s visit is necessary. To combat the shortage, the doctor may prescribe nicotine replacement therapy in the form of patches, lozenges, medicines. Sometimes other methods such as homeopathy, acupuncture or hypnosis may have some effect on the shortage caused by smoking. In all cases, the person must have a real desire to quit and be convinced of the beneficial effects on her health and her social life. Without a firm, any attempt to quit smoking may be illusory and temporary.