Do you ever feel it sometimes inexplicable burning feet? If this discomfort comes with a certain frequency, it may worry you a little The truth is that the burning feet syndrome, which is characterized by a warmth to the feet and sometimes with tingling or more pain affects a significant number of people. The victims are usually people of a certain age, but young people can also be affected.

A consequence of certain physical conditions

The factors causing burning feet syndrome are sometimes pre-existing health conditions. The mechanisms that link these diseases to heat the feet are not always clearly understood by specialists.


Hot feet syndrome is sometimes associated with a complication of diabetes. In fact, diabetics are likely to suffer from many foot problems it’s important to treat because their aggravation may have severe consequences, up to amputation! The fact that diabetics are particularly prone to neuropathy and infections of any kind is not foreign to their propensity to have foot problems.

Venous insufficiency

Venous insufficiency affects about one in six. It is characterized by poor circulation, especially in the lower limbs. This disorder can cause various health problems, edema, heavy legs, swelling and warmth to the feet. Some people are more likely than others to suffer. This is the case of obesity, but also those who are standing for long periods in a static position, such as cashiers. Wearing tight clothing and the practice of some high-impact sports such as jogging or tennis are also involved. To treat venous insufficiency, it is possible that your doctor may prescribe pills, but it is also possible that he simply recommend wearing compression stockings or shoes more comfortable, even specialized.



As diabetes, alcoholism can cause neuropathy and cause heat to toe.

Excessive sweating

People prone to excessive sweating tend to have the burning feet. In most cases, the use of a powder or spray to limit perspiration will eliminate part of the problem. However, it happens that the sweating is symptomatic of a more serious health problem.


Some people experience burns to his feet because of their choice of shoes and socks. It is possible to be allergic to certain textile materials used in the composition of several brands of down. If this is your case, contact with these materials is likely to result in burning, stinging and redness. You suspect an allergic skin? The next time you buy low, take the time to read the “list of ingredients”. Choose a pair of bottom composition different from what you usually take and if the problem resolves, you will find that you were right! Medical tests may also be conducted to confirm or deny your suspicions.

Nutritional deficiency

Hot feet may also have something to do with a very specific nutritional deficiency, vitamin B, especially pantothenic acid (vitamin B5). This vitamin is found in many foods, deficiency is generally not to fear, except for people who suffer from severe malnutrition. However, vegetarians may suffer, as the main sources of vitamin B5 are of animal origin. Calf’s liver is one of the best sources available. However, we find good amounts in some plant foods, including yeast, legumes, nuts and whole wheat. Adults should consume about 4 mg per day. If you believe that your diet does not contain enough, know that there are supplements sold in health food stores and pharmacies.

In doubt, consult!

If you think you have the burning feet syndrome, the best solution is to consult your doctor, who may prescribe you other tests (in the podiatrist or other). In fact, you’ll understand that this condition can be symptoms of health problems of varying severity better try to identify the causes, to avoid more severe problems!