Increased to 230 the number of hospitals suitable for women in Italy, health facilities rewarded with stickers pink. A growing number comforting, which shows a growing attention to the health of women. 230 hospitals distributed throughout the country are entered in the special list compiled by Wave, the National Observatory on Women’s Health, which awarded again this year “stickers pink”, an important recognition given to health facilities more responsive to women’s needs .

The structures more “pink” of Italy 230. But they are not all on the same level: 65 hospitals have achieved the maximum score, between pink stickers, 105 if they are awarded 60 two-and a pink dot. In addition, a special mention was given to 12 health facilities that since 2007 they have always received three vignettes, confirming their constant attention to the health of women. The most virtuous region, with 63 hospitals in the standings, is Lombardy, followed by Veneto, with 23 hospitals, and Lazio, which is at an altitude of 21.


What are pink stickers ?

Prestigious awards, which reward hospitals pay more attention to women’s health : the ” pink stickers ” are assigned to hospitals closer to the needs of women. The evaluation and assignment of toll is entrusted to a multidisciplinary committee composed of experts from various fields, doctors, psychologists, sociologists, and representatives of the institutions.

The hospitals are candidates, the Board shall consider each application and determines the allocation of recognition, which can vary from a minimum of a stamp, up to a maximum of three. Once you have assigned the stamps, which are valid for a year, the committee’s work does not stop, because the activity of the structures reviewed constantly monitored in order to verify that every promise be kept. The hospitals are rewarded those who demonstrate a high degree of attention to the woman, not only with regard to the disease typically feminine, but in terms of diversification of care, because many disorders have characteristics generally should not be underestimated .

Each stamp his selection criteria. To win a stamp : the presence of Units, from a minimum of one to a maximum of three, dedicated to the care of female -specific diseases ; application of the Lea, the essential levels of assistance, with particular reference to the appropriateness of the services provided and guaranteed, accreditation and certification requirements provided for by the hotel and structural regulations. In order to grow to around two plugs, as well as having all the requirements to help you get a stamp rose, you must: have an Ethics Committee with at least three members of the female sex have nursing staff mainly consists of women, and ensuring structural features, services to measure women and ethnic characteristics .

The maximum of stamps, three, requires, in addition to requirements already listed also: scientific publications have made about women’s diseases ; ensure the implementation of existing legislation on the hospital without pain, according to the law of 2001, which also includes the ability to control pain during childbirth and to offer the service of obstetric analgesia, epidural anesthesia for childbirth.