Carmat society has developed a fully artificial heart. Great hope for patients awaiting a transplant desperately.

Cardiovascular disease and advanced heart failure are the leading cause of death worldwide. In developed countries, one hundred million patients are affected. Specifically, 100,000 people die within a year if they are not transplanted. Unfortunately, only 4,000 will receive a heart.

The company Carmat

Carmat society is the result of two experts: one, Medical Professor Alain Carpentier, cardiovascular surgeon, best known for the invention of the heart valves, and that, technology of EADS, a world leader in aeronautics. The teacher is carrying this project since 1993, when he met with Jean-Luc Lagardere, now deceased, who was then head of Matra, now EADS.

A powerful heart

This young company, founded in 2008, is located in Velizy (78). After more than fifteen years of work and testing the simulator, she created the artificial heart more efficient. It is made of materials compatible with human tissue and avoiding the formation of clots. The process relies on a system with electrical activation. A pump driven by micro-sensors is the liquid in a sealed bag and pushes the ventricle so as to send the blood. This prosthesis is able to adjust blood flow according to the needs of the organization. Indeed, they are not the same when the patient is standing or lying, if he presents a brief or prolonged stress.


A better quality of life

The advantages are obvious. First, the risk of rejection are completely absent. Furthermore, we are no longer forced to wait until someone dies to get a transplant. Furthermore the quality of life of transplant recipients will be much higher than it is now. Finally, we can meet the demand not only in desperate cases, but in the very early stages of disease detection.

The first clinical trials are about to be made before the end of the year. Already, the first two prostheses were assembled. If tests prove successful, it will rise to the production phase with the goal of commercialization in the near future, in 2013 or 2014. The General Council of Yvelines is a partner of that company and he has already released in 2009 a $ 1.5 million to enable the realization of a “clean room”: a completely sterile room which are assembled elements that make up the artificial heart.