More and more people rely on natural methods of healing as an alternative to conventional medicine, such as homeopathy. But what effect homeopathic remedies, homeopathy, and what helps when you recognize a good homeopath?

Homeopathy – The Beginnings

The German physician and chemist Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy. Already more than 250 years ago, he formulated the principle Similia similibus curentur would like cures like. He discovered through self-tests that natural substances that cause human disease symptoms in a healthy lead in a patient with the same symptoms to healing. In addition, he made the crucial observation that these compounds interact more strongly when they dilute. This process he called “exponentiation”. Exponentiation is a process which consists of two parts, namely the gradual dilution of the stock in defined mixing ratios and the succussion. The D1 potency a ten-fold dilution is formed when a drop of the stock with nine drops of solvent – water or alcohol mixed and succussed. Taking out a drop of this dilution and mix it again with nine drops of solvent produced the potency D2. The latest from a dilution of D24 is no original material existed more in the drug. But for the most homeopaths just diluted substances are the most effective.


The homeopathic treatment

Acute illnesses such as ear infections, diarrhea, vomiting, or bladder infections, can be quickly and successfully treated with homeopathy. The actual domain of homeopathy is the cure and relief of chronic diseases such as asthma, skin diseases or allergies. But a responsible homeopath knows the limits of his treatment methods. These are certainly of major diseases such as cancer or AIDS. In contrast to conventional medicine, the condition for a classical homeopathic treatment is an extensive initial interview also called first consultation. A reputable homeopath takes time for his patients. Thus, a first interview can sometimes take one to two hours, sometimes even more. The collected symptoms are compared with various substances to the right medication is found. That means that meets these criteria is called a “simile”. Usually, a homeopathic medicine in the form of granules, tablets, drops or triturations taken once or a few days. This self-healing and cleansing processes of the people are stimulated. By following case histories of more disease and the cure is observed.

The cost of the treatment are quite different. According to the Austrian Society for Homeopathic Medicine, OGHM short, they are based on the recommendations of the Medical Association of private fees. On average, at a cost of 150 € for a Erstordination expected to result in doctors’ offices, which are less time consuming, with about half that. The cost of homeopathic treatment are not covered by health insurance companies taken over. By the way, must be exercised with appropriate training in Austria homeopathy exclusively by doctors.

Who wants to prepare for a homeopathic treatment is that the book “Homeopathy The great strength of the small spheres” of Heribert Mollinger a practical guide. Mollinger begins with a brief account of the crisis in conventional medicine, such as ever increasing number of drugs with unwanted side effects or the steady rise of chronic diseases. Step by step, the author offers insights into the differences and points to homeopathy to conventional medicine, such as the typical visit to the consultation of a homeopath, the homeopathically treated during acute and chronic diseases and the imperative of self-monitoring patients. The book is an introduction to the gentle and natural method of healing, written for lay people and patients of a practitioner. Mollinger knows from daily practice questions from his patients. The author writes easily readable and combines fundamental of homeopathy with practical information.