Men Are from Mars, women also. Therefore, in homeopathy means and methods that are very “tailored” to the female body. In the book “Homeopathy very feminine” by Dr. Anja Maria Angels Sing are especially those suffering attention, affecting mostly women.

It is advisable for minor ailments not immediately proceed with the sledgehammer. It is not necessary for every cold an antibiotic often help often the small home remedies to feel better. The physician Samuel Hahnemann recognized in many self-tests, and that just means those drugs can cure the sick, the cause of these symptoms in healthy people. In a nutshell one can say similar things can be cured by likes.


Every beginning is difficult, but this remains so difficult and you may find yourself quickly master is described in detail in the book on how to proceed at the start of treatment with homeopathic remedies is. The approach of homeopathy is explained so well that even women who were never in contact with homeopathy, you can challenge yourself to a self-treatment. It also explains what powers and when and which potentiation is applied.

Homeopathy is not for the negative people who can not estimate their symptoms properly. To find the appropriate means, it requires an accurate observation, because pain is not the same pain. Every cough is different, every headache feels differently so you can find the right remedy, you must pay attention to many side effects. Therefore, you will find in the book nor a cure for acne, urinary tract infections, but several.

In the book, the “typical women’s diseases” described that almost every woman knows. You will find assorted information of skin blemishes and hair loss to stress and negative beliefs. Here, the book is not limited to a mere presentation of complaints and their agents, as are the diseases and their emergence well explained and understandable.

Soul-body images images

Every woman has her own character and their own, for all typical clinical pictures. In the book, nine bodies images are presented, under which most women can series. Each soul has its own image strengths and weaknesses, the corresponding homeopathic remedies can enhance the type and cause a change for the better. The book is also a general introduction to homeopathy very well suited. One is struck not by a wealth of information, but is short and concise information about each chapter.