Do you have hives in your body and want to cure them naturally with remedies? Most of the time, its appearance is due to several factors of the environment through the contact with elements that cause us allergy, hives or irritate the skin. If the rash is very widespread or if it stings in excess or it, hurts the best is to go to the doctor as soon as possible, because if it is a strong allergic reaction it is necessary to prevent prophylactic shock.

Skin Rashes

Causes of hives on the skin

When there is hives on the skin is because an inflammatory reaction occurs and the body generates a substance called histamine that can produce a lot of itching and inflammation of the affected area. There are many reasons why these types of marks can appear in the dermis of any part of the body. It is very useful to know what could be the origin of this reaction in each case to be able to deal with the problem in a much faster and more effective way. Thus, these are the main causes of hives on the skin:

The bites cause our body to react with localized inflammation due to the histamine it releases generally causes a lot of itching, irritation and even pain. They can be treated and even sometimes need a strong medical treatment. We will never get them to disappear in a few hours, since they must pass the process of inflammation and until heals, but they can be alleviated, as we will see later.


Whether they are reactions from skin contact, from medications, from ingested foods or from inhaled substances, allergies are dangerous because they not only produce a lot of itchy skin on the skin, but also produce generalized inflammation that can lead to anaphylactic shock And therefore must go quickly to a medical center.

Hormonal changes

In these cases sometimes, it is a rash on the skin without itching but depending on various factors they may bite. Changes in the levels of hormones in the body produce reactions in the skin such as the appearance of grains and passing rashes.


When we sweat because we have heat or we make an effort, it is normal that these marks appear in some areas of the body, because the sweat irritates the skin and the dry one when it dries.


In the case of stress rashes, it is often a case of rashes on the skin that appear and disappear Increasing their presence, itching and irritation, seeing a more reddish tone, in the moments in which we have more anxiety or stress. As soon as we manage to calm down a bit, these marks are reducing themselves as well as their symptoms.