When we knees swollen they hurt us, difficult walk and all we want is to relieve pain and reduce swelling that so upset. If it is mild inflammation, it may simply be due to have been too many hours standing and poor circulation in the legs but when the swelling is larger or lasts longer, it may be a good hit in this part of body, a bad gesture, arthritis osteoarthritis or injury.

Home remedies to remove fluid from the knee

Apply cold some time during the day is one of the home remedies to remove fluid from the knee more effective, as it will ease the pain and help you get the swelling down excess synovial fluid in the knee joint . The method of ice called ICE in English, is simply apply ice packs on the knee for a few minutes, making some compression and raising the knee. Remember that ice should never directly contact the skin, because they can produce frostbite.

Keep your knee elevated with pillows and ice well placed for about 20 minutes , but if you see that your knee becomes bluish or purple, remove the ice and loosens the bandage. You can apply this method between 2 and 3 times a day for the cold remaining in the joint synovial fluid is reabsorbed naturally. If not only show inflammation, but it also hurts a lot, we recommend you read this article on how to relieve knee pain naturally.

Diuretics, the best option to remove accumulated fluid in the knee

Whether drugs prescribed by the doctor or some herbal or natural diuretic beverages it are recommended that, you take and will remove excess fluid naturally. They help reabsorb the joint synovial fluid that is overproduced and make your body eliminated in the urine. Some of the most commonly used diuretic teas are dandelion and horsetail but to discover more and more properties diuretic infusions, we invite you to read this article on what are the diuretic infusions. You can also make some juices with vegetables and fruits diuretics to help reduce the synovial fluid of the knee for it read this article on how to make diuretic beverages.

You can do lymphatic drainage at home or you can go to a professional, as you are most comfortable, but it is something you must do if you want to improve your knee synovial fluid and remove accumulated. This method is highly recommended to help your body naturally reduce inflammation and fluid retention in your knees.

With a lymphatic drainage, massage is well dilated lymphatic channels and helps flush excess fluid and stored fat. With this system, our body can eliminate a lot of waste and toxins accumulated through the digestive and urinary systems. Lymphatic drainage is one of the best home remedies to remove fluid from the knee, rest assured that in the first session and notice swelling in your knee is significantly reduced, but it is good to perform several sessions during the treatment of the cause that is causing the spill of the knee.