Blisters appear at the wrong time and always in a particularly painful place. All have suffered, but there are plenty of concepts and wrong remedies for blisters so it is important to know what we can do with these annoyances. If you are interested to know, how you can act before the appearance of blisters on the skin? When this occurs, a liquid accumulates in a pocket between the skin layers. Sometimes a small blood vessel found in the damaged area, and blister fluid is stained with blood. This type of blisters is usually found on the hands and feet, but can also occur elsewhere.

remedies for blisters

Blisters can be caused by different factors:

  • Skin friction
  • Contact with chemicals
  • Heat – for example, normal sunburn or burns
  • Medical conditions such as chickenpox
  • It is important to know that most blisters heal naturally passed between three and seven days and do not require medical attention.

What should we do with blisters?

The most important thing is to resist temptation and not burst the blister, because it could lead to an infection or delay the healing process.  If you have a large or painful blister, your doctor may decide to decompress the ampoule under sterile conditions. If your blister not burst by itself, do not remove the dead skin on top of it. Let the liquid within the ampoule can drain and cover the area with a dry sterile dressing to protect it from possible infection until it heals. it is essential to keep the area clean and change the bandage at least once a day.

Natural medicine

There are natural remedies that can help us a lot and shorten the healing process of the annoying blisters. Calendula: It is very useful to apply calendula ointment or a product based on this plant. It is traditionally used as a healing and soothing. To keep clean the ointment, cover with an adhesive bandage or gauze. At night, remove the bandage for the blistered area is exposed to air.

Aloe vera:  It ‘s a natural anti-inflammatory which means it helps relieve remedies for blisters and swelling of the blister. It is also very moisturizing and helps keep skin moist heal faster. But be sure to use the pure gel of the plant. Some processed products contain other ingredients, such as alcohol, which have a drying effect that we are not interested in a blister. Apple cider vinegar: It has antibacterial properties , which may help prevent infection once the blister appears. But the problem is that it is very likely to sting, so if you use it do it gently.