Give birth to her child in the comfort of his home, surrounded by well and safely, it is possible. In fact, numerous studies have confirmed that it is also safe for a healthy mother to give birth at home than in hospital. Although this practice is still marginal, but the trend is slightly upward. What you should know is that since 1998, midwives can finally practice legally births in Quebec. Trained to meet the needs of women who give birth, they also have a medical equipment tailored to respond in an emergency and are of course ready to deal with any eventuality. They ensure that their patients are previously healthy, the pregnancy is progressing quite normally and predisposes them to all natural and safe delivery. role of the midwife.


The midwife monitors pregnancy in the same way that a doctor, that is to say, she meets the mother at least once a month, check its weight, advising, judge the evolution of pregnancy, ultrasound monitors and, of course, is present on the big day. All with a humanity and availability which sometimes lack in academic centers and large hospitals. deliveries to the house, she will make a site visit before the date to organize the logistics of Birth (validate location of the various instruments necessary for planning a surface resuscitation equipment) and to prepare the organization postpartum: is that the house has enough room for the planned days of confinement? Mom Will it help at home? For emergency worry: when the pregnant woman is in labor, the midwife regularly tests whether everything is running as it should .

It is well equipped to overcome any kind of unexpected. Also, from the moment she sees a disturbing signal, she accompanied the mother to the hospital in an ambulance is deployed emergency. But in general, everything goes perfectly! You can find more information about the practice of midwives on the site of the College of Midwives of Quebec. well as the coordinates of the nine birthing Quebec . A special thank you to Isabelle Brabant, midwife birthing La blue house , for the valuable information it gave us. Inviolate Robespierre, webmaster Canal Vie For maternity knowledgeable, see our pregnancy calendar !