High heels are bad for your health? Definitely will not be prohibited in absolute terms, but it comes on the heels of many other cases, even better, to avoid extremes: they are too high and are held for too long, there is a risk. Here then are some useful remedies for pain, high heels without suffering too much to bring some valuable tips. So we should avoid to wear high heels.

The health risks

High heels, posture and health of your feet a few centimeters and the frequency of use, they are equally high, especially if it does not seem the best. This high-heeled shoes to be able to slim the figure and the slim silhouette of femininity is a guarantee, that is true, it is equally true that the risk of favoring the emergence of some diseases.


Flat feet, for example, but not only because of the shoes with high heels, with the risk of weak, do extra work, and then the yield tendons, torture, do not provide the right support legs. By the time your fingers to separate the part of the arch of the foot in high heels, in particular, causing increased pressure on the feet and your posture can change: in this way, under the weight of the leg stiletto, tends to lose its natural arch and legs bent gradually flattens.

The remedies for pain

A few useful tips and tricks to the pain of high heels and foot health effectively and to reduce both the risk posture. You spend most of their time standing, have to wear for many hours, very high, but not;: First, select the right shoe with the right size and very close to the plant, avoiding interference with the circulation and can lead to increased pain, which is very sharp shear or straps tip.