Speaking of high blood pressure, there are many specialist advice that tell us what to do to avoid health problems. In case of high blood pressure, what to do ? Surely the ‘ power is a factor that must be constantly kept in view by those who present the symptoms of high blood pressure. There are several foods enemies of hypertension and for this reason, to do some ‘clarity, the American Heart Association has decided to draw up a real ranking that concerns the relationship between high blood pressure and diet, indicating specifically the six foods to avoid in case of high blood pressure.

It is of course in all cases of salty foods , since the salt is the first enemy. One of the remedies for high blood pressure is this: avoid eating salty foods.

1. Bread

Among the foods against high pressure is then first of all the bread , which may contain in a single slice of 230 milligrams of sodium, an amount that represents 15% of the total to be taken during the day. Of course a good way to avoid problems with high minimum pressure is to consume salt-free bread or whole wheat bread.

2. Meat products

In second place we find the processed meat . These are mainly meats, which, as is well known, contain sodium. The meats fact, both cooked and raw, can not do without salt, which is used to ensure the shelf life of products and compliance with the health standards during production.


3. White meat

Regarding the white meat, we must consider that the latter has less fat. Recall, however, that, especially the white meat pre-packaged, could have more sodium, even up to 1000 milligrams per portion, a very high percentage without doubt to which we should pay much attention.

4. Fowl

Going down in the ranking we find the chicken . Often, if we buy the rotisserie chicken is seasoned with herbs and salt. In this case you could do without the salt as a seasoning, adding only herbs to give a more intense flavor. Adding the sauce in the house you could avoid an excessive consumption of sodium.

5. Soups and stews

In fifth position there are soups and stews . It might seem strange, but remember that we buy ready-made soups may contain too much salt. For this reason, also in this case, it would be better to prepare everything in the home, for determining the best seasoning.

6. Pizza

Finally there is the pizza . In this case the main problem is not only represented, as one might think, from seasoning (although this greatly affects), but also from the dough, which may have (for just two slices) a quantity of more than 700 milligrams of sodium.

So, how to lower high blood pressure ? Surely one of the first things to do is to declare war on sodium . If you experience frequent symptoms, also very common, it is advisable to carry out proper checks, considering for example that it is the very close link between high blood pressure and headaches .

Some tips to reduce salt

If you suffer from high blood pressure have to be careful in putting in place some small measure, which is essential for our well-being. We must not forget that the risks linked to ‘ hypertension are different. First, there is the danger of incurring in cardiovascular disease and still consume salt in a moderate way, you’re guaranteed the opportunity to contribute to our overall well-being.