There are many people who suffer from high blood pressure , perhaps even without knowing it. And, considering that it is a disorder, the onset of which grows with the passing years, it is always good to keep the values ​​under observation. Also because, remember, from high blood pressure may also led to other health problems such as’ heart failure or the failure, the coronary diseases and so on. Here are the foods to avoid and an example of a diet to follow.

Less salt at the table

The good thing is that the hypertension can be prevented (at least partly), maintaining a healthy lifestyle . We talk about physical activity , but also a correct diet . And the first trick that should be taken is to reduce the salt at the table, even if we are convinced to consume little. The fact is that in reality, without realizing it, I already ingest more than they should through industrial products and packaged, which contain discrete amounts, but not only. To be heavily charged, in fact, are some foods with a presence of salt “occult” and for this reason most damaging.


Beware of bread and pizza

More pressure is the enemy of our sodium (which, remember, is not to be confused with salt), because it causes water retention which in turn has a negative impact on the apparatus of a heart attack. So to ban foods that are high, such as the bread . Can not you give it up? Not a problem: just take the bread or salt. Attention naturally also to other bakery products and in particular to the pizza , doubly risky for both the pasta that for the dressing.

The meats and packaged meat

to contain large quantities of salt is sodium (for preservation reasons) are the meats , which unfortunately we have to try to avoid as much as possible if we are at risk hypertension. In short, considering what has been said before, the classic sandwiches that sometimes replace a meal or snack as they are not so healthy! A similar argument can be made ​​for certain types of packaged meat such as roast beef, turkey or chicken. You may wonder why we have also included the white meat : of course, is thinner and usually recommended to all for its nutritional value, but if it is packaged undergoes the same treatment “high rate of salt and sodium.” So look to the packaging when you buy it.

A soup ready? No thanks

Other “vice” that you should take away is to buy ready-made soups and stews . These products, in fact, often contain too much salt. So let by laziness and fire up the stove to prepare something healthy!

The diet

Clarify the general rules, foods to avoid and the substances to be assayed, here’s a plan “attack” at the table, a sample diet for those suffering from high blood pressure. For each meal, there is a range of menus to choose from, to which add two snacks daily, with fruit or centrifuged (apple, pear, kiwi, orange juice or grapefruit), two teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil from distribute at will and two pita sandwiches. The portions of pasta is rice should be about 80 g, the fish and meat 150 g, while the vegetables there are no recommended doses.
A breakfast. Choose from partially skimmed milk and an apple with muesli, tea, slices wholemeal bread (4) and a kiwi, orange juice and four biscuits .

A lunch. Seven menu to be distributed freely over the week: whole wheat pasta with tomato sauce and, as a second, a plate of salad, risotto with pumpkin and radicchio integral, and the second as a plate of Belgian endive (raw or cooked on the grill ); cereal soup with beans, whole wheat pasta with zucchini, vegetable soup and vegetables; brown rice with zucchini and cherry tomatoes; chickpea soup in vegetable broth.

A dinner. As for lunch, for dinner, here is the selection of menus to choose from: boiled octopus served with mixed salad, chicken breast baked on a griddle without fat, seasoned with lemon and fennel (raw or steamed ), a whole egg and two egg whites with a side of grilled zucchini or steamed, baked sea bream with cherry tomatoes, served with radicchio, grilled veal fillet cooked without fat with a side of steamed cauliflower, baked blue fish oven with a side of Belgian endive, mixed salad with tomatoes, celery and cucumbers.