Help to dispose of excess fluids are drained for specific teas, enjoyable and useful to eliminate sodium and some swelling.

Use to purify, draining herbal teas, they also serve as adjuvants against cellulite if the component of water retention is important. You can help during a period of physical heaviness or after having exaggerated with food or alcohol, acting as a real cleansing of the body , helping to eliminate toxins as well as sodium and excess fluids. They are very simple to do, here are some ideas and tips for the optimal draining herbal teas. herbal tea to dandelion and yarrow are the two plants that have most power draining, yarrow sweetens the taste a bit ‘bitter dandelion and helps to expel the excess sodium and improve the draining action of the plants. In order to have a draining herbal tea is enough to use a teaspoon of both, found easily in herbal medicine, for every cup of herbal tea. Bring to a boil the water, put the prepared and wait ten minutes of infusion, strain and drink.

Herbal horsetail, fennel and Ortosiphon Even with these plants will pack an excellent herbal tea, with leaves horsetail, fennel seeds and leaves of Ortosiphon to be mixed in equal parts. Fennel deflates as well as drain as horsetail and Ortosiphon eliminates toxins. Boil water and add a tablespoon of the mix of plants and let stand for 10 minutes before filtering and then take the tea. herbal tea to green tea, kelp and birch A tea purifying and anti-aging and also draining is composed of equal parts of green tea (powerful antioxidant), kelp and birch. Use in equal shares, per liter of herbal tea 10g serving of the mix of herbs, you need to prune water to the boil, turn off, add the plants and leave to infuse for 10 minutes, strain and drink can.