Since the first heart transplant, that path. But the mobilization for organ donation should certainly not falter.

Transplantation or transplantation, for heart, lung, liver, kidney, cornea and bone marrow. Today, there were also transplants hands and even face.

A brief history

In the early twentieth century that the first attempts to place transplants. The first concerned the pig kidney and goat transplant elbow two women with renal failure by Dr. Jaloubay. Alas, they do not survive. But the main obstacle, order surgical the suture between the blood vessels and the body had been resolved, especially since this technique was perfected by Dr. Carrel. Work, applied to vascular sutures make it win the Nobel Prize in 1912.

The technique is mastered, it was not until the 1950s to understand and begin to find the solution to the main problem which is the rejection. Indeed, the introduction of a foreign body causes the body’s immune response similar to that caused by an infection. Natural defenses then try to eliminate graft (transplanted organ), hence the importance of finding compatible donors, combined with unimpressive medication more effective. The survival of patients reaching today decades. But be aware that these drug treatments are heavy, expensive and must be associated with a healthy lifestyle.


Heart transplantation

In 1967, Dr. Christian Barnard performed the first heart transplant, the patient survived 19 days. Two years later, he grafted a patient will live 24 years. In France, Emmanuel Vitria was grafted in 1968 and lived for nearly 20 years. One can of course include radio host of Road are nice , Max Meynier, which enjoyed a heart-lung transplant.

Organ donation

In France, the law assumes presumed consent, that is to say that anyone does not declare his lifetime against the use of their organs for transplantation is considered as a donor. In practice, physicians require the agreement of the family, which is a hard decision to make and that, in emergency and trauma, as it is almost always accidental death and brutal.